Ease of Use

DIY website builders are a dime a dozen nowadays, with each one advertising their platform’s user-friendliness. Most of the time that turns out to be true, but there are cases where a website builder’s “ease of use” turned out to be nothing more than marketing fluff. That is not the case with Jumpseller. In fact, it may just be the platform’s best selling point.

The interface is clean, organized, and devoid of any distractions, which allows you to quickly get the lay of the land – even if you are new to website builders. Consequently, the simple and straightforward interface also allows you to focus on your work more, negating the need to run to customer support for help performing certain tasks every now and again.

Jumpseller’s dashboard organizes all the important features so they are all within reach, so you can easily manage orders, products, customers, promotions, themes, and more. And, interestingly, there is Google Analytics integration on board, allowing you to easily view and manage your marketing efforts and see how they are panning out.