While it is true that is absolutely free, you can also choose to purchase some upgrades that can enhance the overall experience and value of your forum. First, if you want to use a more personal URL address so your users can easily remember your forum, you can choose to purchase a domain name. This goes for $15 per year. Alternatively, if you already have a domain name you want to use, you can opt to park it and use it with your forum for only $10 per year. Next, due to the fact that all of this company’s free forums displays advertisements, some discussion board owners may want to get rid of those entirely. It is fortunate, then, that offers an optional upgrade that lets you remove those ads completely. Should you feel that you need this upgrade, be prepared to pay $4.95 per month. If you are building a brand or identity and would want no trace of’s branding, there is an upgrade that can remove the “Hosted by” found on the footer of your forum for $10 per year. Finally, there is one upgrade that many discussion board owners definitely need: the Recovery Console Forum Restore upgrade. For only $15.00 per 6 months, this particular upgrade lets you restore your forum to a previously created restore point.

Features offers some really user friendly features that make this one of the most pleasurable forum softwares to work with. For starters, in order to accommodate the needs, as well as skill level, of every user, their admin panel comes in two flavors: Simple and Advanced. The simple version provides

all the essential options for managing a forum, presented in an incredibly easy to understand user interface, while the advanced version, catering to more experienced users, gives admins access to all the default phpBB3 options. Next, you can easily customized the look of your forum via the 170+ installed styles, as well as add or expand features with the help of mods. Thanks to the help of’s innovative Mod Center, admins can quickly enable or disable mods that your users want or don’t want. Other core features include unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, multiple language support, 1GB upload space, spam prevention, sub-forums, temporary bans, user warnings, custom BBcode creation, custom profile / registration fields, advanced PM / posting system, comprehensive traffic stats, and more. If you sign up and create an account with, you will surely appreciate the fact that an incredibly feature-rich forum software such as this costs absolutely nothing.

Recovery Console

One of the most unique offerings of is its Recovery Console. This tool allows admins undo harmful changes to their forum, as well as restore admin status, unpark a domain, or view who has been on your forum. Additionally, they also offer an upgrade package that gives you the ability to restore your forum to a previous back up, should anything bad happens.

Customer Support

This forum software provider boasts a true 24/7 support system via email. This means that no matter where you live there will always be someone on the other end that will assist you. achieves this by strategically hiring support team members around the world in different timezones. In addition, users can also peruse a pretty comprehensive knowledgebase, as well as support forum where their in-house experts can answer any problem or question you may have.

What's the Verdict on

A Must Try Review – Conclusion offers one of the best forum software solutions in the market today. Not only is it completely free to use, it is also feature-rich, customizable, and incredibly user friendly. It also offers a very unique tool in the form of Recovery Console, which can restore your entire forum to a former state should anything bad happens to it. If you need a forum for your website that is feature-rich but definitely won’t break the bank, then give a try!