Unlike other forum software in the market, MyBB is completely free to use. This is an open source project, which means that there are absolutely no fees or subscription plans associated with this particular platform.

Ease of Use

MyBB uses a standard discussion board structure, which means that most visitors will feel right at home when they visit your forum. Moreover, they can use the control panel to control how they view the discussions, easily start and reply to discussions, as well as markup their posts. Features are also easy to find and use, and can be seen in several pages in MyBB, such as the new reply page to the user control panel. Form administrators and moderators, on the other hand, can use this forum platform’s inline editing and moderation features in order to keep an eye on discussions and keep the forum tidy.


MyBB offers numerous innovative, intuitive and powerful features that truly make this forum software one of the best in the market. First, they have an administration panel that is designed to put you in full control of your forum. This administration panel offers simple, intuitive forum permissions, powerful user management with views and mass actions, advanced forum statistics, and the ability to find plugins and themes without ever leaving the control panel. Next, if you want to control how your forum looks and feels, there is a template and theme editor that lets you create multiple stylesheets, as well as edit the CSS directly. Next, MyBB’s calendat and events featurea give you access to multiple calendars, recurring and ranged events, weekly overview features, and more.

In addition, MyBB’s other features give you the ability the automatically promote users based on post count, repetition or registration date, send instant or scheduled messages to registered users, add new features to the forum via plugins, participate in private several registered users at a time, give s and leave comments on other registered users and their individual posts, warn and punish users who act inappropriately, and even keep your forum at its best by having maintenance tasks running in the background.

In addition, MyBB forums allow users to add web videos to posts, with support for Dailymotion, Google Video, MetaCafe, MySpace TV, Yahoo Video, and YouTube. You can also add a poll to any thread, quote multiple posts in a single post, and instantly reply to a thread with no page reloads required. Finally, MyBB’s moderation features make it easy to manage threads or posts. This gives you the ability to clean up an entire thread or forum in a few clicks, as well as the ability to select threads in an entire forum from a single page. With MyBB, mode a forum has truly never been this simple.


One of the great things about MyBB being an open source project is the fact that the community can just add and improve on it over time. A perfect example of this is the large number of official MyBB translations, which are produced by the community, for visitors who don’t speak English. The language packs include Vietnamese, Hindi, Estonian, Albanian, Serbian, French, Danish, and many more. What’s more, they also have language packs for right-to-left languages.

Customer Support

Should you need any assistance or simply have a query, you can either consult MyBB’s Documentations, which includes solutions to common problems, as well as a full list of all features and how to use them, or their Community Forums, where you can ask questions regarding your problem. For those who are expecting phone, email, or even live chat support, you are out of luck.

What's the Verdict on MyBB?

A Must Try

MyBB Review – Conclusion

MyBB is one of the best forum software in the market right now, with some of the most useful featuresets there is. It has an incredibly easy to use administration interface, theme support, tons of plugins that add new features to your forums, and many more. If you are looking for a competitive, easy to use forum software for your website, look no further than MyBB.