Plush Forums offers 2 main subscription tiers: the standard plan and the enterprise pack. The Standard plan has several options depending on the capacity for members and guests who are simultaneously online, and the storage capacity. All of the plans include an SSL certificate with no cost, so all of the data sent and received is safe from prying hacker attacks. They have also added CDN delivery for faster loading times anywhere in the world.

First off, for $49 a month, you can have 100 members online at one time, and 15GB of storage. Next, for $75 a month, you can upgrade the numbers to 250 members online at the same time, and up to 20GB storage. Thirdly, at $120, you can increase the limit to 500 members online, and 35GB of storage space.

Meanwhile, for $200 a month, the limit further increases to 1,000 members online at the same time, and 70GB storage. At $375 per month, the numbers go even further, allowing 2,000 members online at the same time, and 125GB worth of storage space. Lastly, you can have 5,000 members online at the same time, and up to 250GB in storage.

On the other hand, the Enterprise package sports a price tag of $799 per month, and offers 99.99% uptime, priority support, a dedicated account manager, setup advice, regular customer success calls, SSL and DDoS protection, white label solution, and invoiced billings.

They have recently upgraded to an integrated billing system, and accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and PayPal as modes of payment.


You can easily keep your discussions lively and timely as Plush Forums gives you real-time updates and notifications to keep the conversation going. Also, you have an integrated blog where members can share stories or articles that can further boost the discussions, complete with a comment box provided within the blog itself.

Simplicity and class is the name of the game when it comes to the forum’s design layout, and is fully customizable with logos, background images, and a selection of color palettes. Thanks to this, you can quite easily put your branding on your forum and truly make it your own.

Moreover, the user-friendly editor makes use of instant previews, drag-and-drop commands, and automated drafts to make the process easy and fast, even for less tech-savvy users. There are also private forums provided for a more confidential and intimate conversation, where members can be added at any time.

You can also create Q&As, surveys, and polls, and let your members be heard loud and clear. And, as if that were not enough, they also provide built-protection against bots, spammers, and hackers. Coupled with SSL support, this is probably one of the most secure forum software solutions out there.

Plush is also available in multiple languages, specifically English, French, German, Russian and Danish, with Spanish coming in soon.

Lastly, one of the greatest things about Plush Forums is that no user will be left behind thanks to the fact that it is fully compatible even with old browsers and operating systems like IE8 and Windows XP. This also makes it much, much easier to gain more members in your forum as it allows you to cast a wider net.

Customer Support

While the company provides solid customer support, take note that Plush Forums only provides direct communication to their team via email, although they have a pretty sufficient FAQ page discussing billing, pre-sales, and user-related topics. You can also check out their blog or follow them on Twitter to get a hold of the latest news and announcements.

Try It Out For Free!

Do you want to have a taste of how things go about in Plush Forums without having to open your wallet? Say no more! Plush Forums gives you the opportunity to test out their software without any commitments on your end with their 14 day free trial of the Plush 75 plan. This includes all the perks of the package, no deletions or restrictions.

However, you would have to link your PayPal to be able to enjoy the trial, because they will be charging you 1 cent for this. But don’t worry! Aside from the fact that this amount is almost negligible, they will immediately refund it should you cancel your subscription by the end of 2 weeks. Also, it would be wise to note that they are enforcing auto subscriptions to the actual plan if you do not cancel your account once the trial has lapsed, but surely, if you have experienced their service, there would be no reason to pull out your subscription.

What's the Verdict on Plush Forums?

A Must Try

Plush Forums Review – Conclusion

Plush Forums offers one of the most reliable and convenient forum software solutions that you can find, thanks to a whole boatload of features ranging from real-time notifications, to large storage allowances, to an integrated blog, to customizable layout, to interactive questions and polls and more. The list literally goes on and on.

And with several plan tiers, you can choose the perfect package for your needs without settling for a price tag that may be too expensive or a plan that is too limiting. There is really no excuse not to try out Plush Forums, so head over to their website and kick start your discussion forum now!