Find the Right Plan for You

Although Vanilla Forums comes with a hefty price tag, they do have different priced plans to help you manage your budget. Depending on the size of community you have or want to build, you can choose the Vanilla Forums plan that is right for you.

For the smaller communities or those with a limited budget, you can go for either the Starter plan or Advanced Plan. The Starter plan costs $99/month and you get 50 thousand monthly page views, 1 staff user and unlimited forum members.

The Advanced plan, meanwhile, costs $199/month and comes with 250 thousand monthly page views, 3 staff users and unlimited forum members. These plans are good for those who are just starting out and want to try using forums.

They also have the Corporate and Enterprise Plans for larger communities. A Corporate plan would cost $599/month and comes with 1 million monthly page views, 5 staff users, unlimited members and advanced plan features such as CRM integrations, Forum migration and Customer Success Manager.

The Enterprise plan costs $1,199/month and comes with 3 million page views, 10 staff users, unlimited members and corporate plan features such as sub-communities, live training and priority support queue.

Lastly, they have the VIP plan for those who require premium level of support. This costs $3,499/month and comes with 20 million page views, unlimited staff users and forum members, VIP support, Theme Pull, Audit Log and Data Encryption. This is more for the large corporations with millions of subscribers and need all the advanced functions.

No matter what size your business or community is, Vanilla Forums has the right plan for you.

What's the Verdict on Vanilla Forums?

A Must Try

Vanilla Forums Review – Conclusion

If you are planning to build a forum for your business or organization, you can’t go wrong with Vanilla Forums. They provide excellent features and a great software for you to use. You would be able to create a personalized an engaging forum that your members would enjoy using. Though they have high prices, they are definitely worth every penny. They also have free trials and demos for you to use before you decide to commit to the monthly payment so there really is no risk in trying out their service. They also offer different plans that cater to different community sizes to help you manage your expenses. So why don’t you go ahead and give Vanilla Forums a try now.