iClan Websites Premium Pricing

iClan Websites lets you build a gaming community website for free. In fact, its free plan packs tons of value, and it’s a great first choice for a small group that’s just starting out.

You get access to many of iClan Websites’ powerful, gaming-specific features, like its match reports and communications modules. You can even use a custom domain without upgrading from the free plan, though you’ll still have to buy and register that domain yourself.

Many premium features like premium themes and voice servers are also available for a separate fee, so you can take an a la carte approach and simply pay for the advanced features you need without upgrading wholesale to a paid plan.

However, all free plans display ads on your website, and they do  come with resource limitations. You can only set up a limited number of custom pages, for example, and features like the Tournament Manager won’t be available.