Pricing and Features

Home owners  need not worry about having to spend for a membership with Aussie House Sitters, because they are offering a free membership with the ability to post house sit advertisements on their website. All you have to do is complete the registration process by entering your name, email address, and location, giving a description of your property, verifying your email, and setting a password, and you can already post your house sit advertisement. This includes a profile where you can include a photo of your property, house sit requirements like pet and garden care, nearby landmarks and recreation centers, and most importantly, your contact details. Plus, because only registered house sitters will have access to sensitive information such as your phone number, you won’t have to be worried about unintentionally giving out personal details to random people.

Meanwhile, house sitters can become a member for only $65 (Australian Dollars) per year. There are no extra charges for metropolitan zoning so the rate is the same for all members regardless of the location. Moreover, they can browse the house sit listings and immediately contact a home owner of their choice. They can also receive email alerts whenever a house sit offer is posted that matches perfectly with their preferences.

Customer Support

Aussie House Sitters has a fairly detailed FAQ page each for home owners and house sitters. This section includes helpful information on general house sitting matters, payment agreement, registration concerns, and some features of the website. You can also reach their competent team of customer representatives by leaving a message in their contact page. As is the norm when it comes to online support forms, expect a response at the soonest time possible. Lastly, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to be in the know of the latest news and updates.

Reply Rating System

As far as rating systems go, Aussie House Sitters approaches it rather differently than most. While some rely on a performance-based rating system, this one chose to measure a user’s responsiveness to messages, which is actually as important as the former. This tool works by initially giving 5 points to a member, which they can maintain by replying in a timely fashion to every first contact message received. Should they fail to do so, a point will be deducted for every message that has not been replied to. The only way to redeem a point is to give a prompt response to the next two (first contact) messages. With this system, you don’t have to wait for days for a reply, as you can expect members to maintain their shining 5 star rating. Moreover, the redeemable nature of the points gives a “second chance” for members instead of having their account tainted for life because of a late reply to one message.

What's the Verdict on Aussie House Sitters?

Worth It, Some Issues

Aussie House Sitters Review 2020 – Conclusion

Overall, Aussie House Sitter offers all of the features that makes it a pretty decent house sitting website. From profile creation and details, booming listings, fool-proof member reply rating system, and a free spot for home owners, they seem to have all the basics covered. Too bad that they are restricted to Australian users, but you can check out their affiliates if you are from another country. But if you happen to be within Australia, then you should definitely check Aussie House Sitters!