Pricing and Features

For absolutely no cost, you can become a member of Nomador and enjoy their superb services with their Discovery option. With this subscription, you can draft and place your advertisement, consult your profile, chat with candidates, and receive evaluation at the end of their stay. On the other hand, house sitters get to view offers of accommodation, respond to home sitting offers of up to 3 applications, chat with home owners via internal email, and also receive evaluation at the end of the stay. Both can create a profile, have their ID checked, and obtain a Trust Index.

For the Confidence option, which costs $35 per quarter and $89 per year, home owners get to experience all the previously mentioned features, with the addition of restricting access to adverts to subscribed members only. For house sitters, they get to respond to all home-sitting offers, and view offers restricted to subscribed members. Both members can add additional details to their profile and display and endorse a recommendation at the end of a house sit.

Customer Support

Nomador has a fairly sufficient FAQ page that can address typical account and profile related concerns. To connect with their customer support team, you can leave a message at their contact page, and they will respond to your query at the soonest time possible. Unfortunately, they do not have a hotline or live chat support for quicker communication. You may also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get informed about the latest updates and announcements.

Your Own House Sitting Manual

As an added service, Nomador introduces Home-Book, a piece of document that gathers all the pertinent information and instructions for house sitters. This piece of informative document can serve as their bible when they occupy your home, thus, getting rid of the need for unsure decisions and activities concerning your property. This includes telephone numbers, contact persons, guidelines for taking care of the house and garden, caring for pets, and many more. With this information at hand, house sitters will certainly be more comfortable and confident in handling matters with your preferred actions when on their own. The Home-Book can be downloaded freely and is in PDF format for your own convenience.

What's the Verdict on Nomador?

Worth It, Some Issues

Nomador Review – Conclusion

Although their paid membership option can be quite costly, Nomador offers an alternative by giving a free basic membership for both home owners and house sitters, for a no-strings-attached experience. They are also quite strict on the quality of their members’ profiles to help ensure the authenticity and credibility of each member. Plus, they offer their very own Home-Book, a manual that you can leave for your house sitter for guidance and reference in their daily venture in your home. If you value quality profiles, then you should check out Nomador!