No Need to Search for Liquor Stores Near Me – How to Order and Pricing

Ordering alcohol online with the Saucey app is crazy easy!  Download the app on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iPhone and iPad.  Set your delivery address and check out the local pricing and alcohol selections. Pay with a credit card and a Saucey driver will deliver the goods!  

Saucey has a cool promo for you – $10 off your first order. This is an offer, definitely worth looking into!  


Saucey's promo - $10 off your first order

Saucey’s promo – $10 off your first order


Saucey makes ordering easy.  Hopefully, you already have an idea of what’s missing on the cocktail menu but you might get some other ideas as you scroll through their offerings.  One click and you might add a flight of premium sake tastings!  Saucey only offers snacks at the moment but wouldn’t an order of sushi, edamame or shishito peppers be the perfect compliment to a bottle of daiginjo?  


Saucey's liquor choices - wine, beer, whiskey, sake and rose

Saucey’s liquor choices – wine, beer, whiskey, sake and rose

Does pricing really matter at this point?  Yeah, you can hop in the car to the closest supermarket or liquor store to pick up some drinks and save money. But you’re going to miss out on the fun. And besides, how cool would you look, whipping out your new Galaxy On8 or iPhone XS and ordering booze on the Saucy app. Here’s some sample items and current pricing:

  • Beer Pong and Flip Cup Nite – Not much offered on the beer chuggin’ menu. Better to make a supermarket run and grab the 30 count box of Bud or Coors. But if nobody is volunteering to buy the beer, Saucey has some options – though you’re gonna waste good beer that’s just going to be swimming with dirty ping pong balls!
    • Bud Light 12 cans for $15.99
    • Modelo Especial 12 cans for $22.49
    • Heineken 12 bottles for $21.99
  • Margarita Mondays – So you invited your WeWork friends over for happy hour at your place.  Guacamole. Check. Chips. Check. Tequila, margarita mix and limes. Whoops. Only half a bottle of tequila on the shelf and a few tired limes in the fridge! Saucey to the rescue. Word of advice – save the bottle of Casamigos, the George Clooney and Rande Gerber $1 billion hangover-free tequila venture for another time!
    • Jose Cuervo Gold $26.99 for 750 ml
    • Casamigos Anejo $63.99 for 750 ml
    • Stirrings Mix $10.49 for 25.4 oz
    • Jose Cuervo Mix $6.99 for 1 L
    • Lime (a real one) $1.50 for 1
  • Let’s Celebrate – You got a promotion, your sister had twins or your start-up got its first round of funding. Woo hoo! You open the fridge and no bubbly?
    • Veuve Clicquot $94.99 for 750 ml for rose
    • Dom Perignon $205,99 for 750 ml
    • Dalmore 18 yr $235.99 for 750 ml
    • Cigar – Partacas $20.99 for black label

Saucey Inventory

Saucey’s inventory is not as extensive as other online liquor stores.  They offer a more curated list. For example, Saucey showcases a little over 120 bottles of red wine with a price range from $6-$300 – while a competitor has over 13,000 bottles of red!  Seriously, who’s going to take the time to scroll through all those bottles.

Each selection of liquor on Saucey has a brief description of the contents of the bottle. For wine, it’s broken down into varietals or blends, and sometimes points by Wine Advocate, Wilfred Wong and Robert Parker. And for some liquors, the ABV (alcohol by volume) is indicated.


Saucey's description of "The Prisoner" red table wine

Saucey’s description of “The Prisoner” red table wine


Their inventory is tied directly with the partnerships they’ve cultivated with local liquor stores. Saucey carefully select partners whose selection and reputation are above board.  It’s a win-win for everybody. Saucey sells the store’s inventory on their app and the stores earn revenue.

Think of Saucey as a concierge for booze.  A good hotel concierge will take note of what the guests ask for and make a mental note for future reference. Saucey has its fingers on the cultural pulse and influencers of America, keeping up with the trends of what’s hot today. Why stock a vodka that’s just mediocre and has been sitting on the shelf for 10 years?

Cool Extras (like free delivery)

Saucey has a lot of creative marketing ideas. One that stands out is their fixed price which includes booze, tax, tip, handling fee and free delivery.  You’re not going to be standing awkwardly at the door trying to figure out a tip. Though it wouldn’t hurt to hand the driver a few bucks, just saying.

Saucey went the extra mile when they teamed up with Channing Tatum to promote his Born and Bred vodka. Yes, he of  Magic Mike fame is following in Clooney’s footsteps!  Tatum took it a step further and actually made personal deliveries of his special spirit to some shocked Saucey customers.

Check out more Saucey extras:

  • Gift cards between $5 – $2000
  • Send a bottle as a gift. Either on-demand or by shipping
  • Special packages that include booze and a bartender/mixologist
  • Special requests – shoot them an email if you need something extra special
  • Corporate gifts
  • Optional subscription-based membership that offers unlimited delivery without an added delivery fee and a discount on pricing.
  • Get a referral code, have a friend use it and buy something – you receive $10 in Saucey credit (credit expires in 14 days)
  • Custom bottle engraving


Saucey extras - gift cards, send a bottle, special requests and corporate gifts

Saucey extras – gift cards, send a bottle, special requests and corporate gifts


Saucy Review 2020 – Conclusion

Saucey is perfect for any occasion that requires alcohol!  Whether it’s beer for your Super Bowl bash, a few more bottles of cabernet for your formal dinner party, or for themed-cocktails for the Game of Thrones finale, Saucey can deliver booze and more in under an hour. Hey, add them to your wedding website and they can coordinate your reception cocktail menu, complete with a mixologist! 

As one of the best online liquor stores, Saucey makes it no longer necessary to search for liquor stores near me. Cheers to a perfect pairing – technology and liquor!  Drink responsibly!