A Multi-Channel Masterpiece

Callbox Inc.’s greatest asset is their multi-channel approach to lead generation. While there are other services in the industry that rely solely on traditional telemarketing, this company provides a much more ideal solution as it allows you to cast a wider net and nab potential clients using some of the most popular media today. For instance, they can help spread the word as well as positive news about your company via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and the like, interacting with prospective customers on your behalf. In addition, they can also help you design and create digital brochures, newsletters, and even PowerPoint presentations that are sure to win over new clients. And to top it all off, they have a global database of over 50 million business contacts, so there is a virtually endless well of possible clients that you can reach in a multitude of ways.


As mentioned previously, Callbox Inc. offers one of the most robust lead generation services in the entire industry – and that’s no exaggeration! Signing up to start a campaign with them gets you access to a ton of perks and features that are sure to aid in your success.

To begin with, Callbox Inc. will assign a dedicated team of specialists to aid in your campaign, so your lead generation efforts are guaranteed to stay on track. This team will include an Account Manager, a Dedicated Sales Development Rep/s, Email and Social Marketing Specialist, Research and Data Analyst, and a Quality Analyst. As you can see, each is assigned to his/her own specialty so you can be sure that every aspect of your campaign gets the care and attention it deserves. Another great thing about this is that you will always have a point of contact in your team should you ever need to voice out any concerns or need assistance.

Next, you will also get access to their incredible proprietary customer relationship management platform, Pipeline CRM. This platform is a cloud-based management and marketing automation, which means that you won’t have to install anything to your computer in order to take advantage of its powerful features. More than that, it is a multi-touch, multi-channel CRM that gives you the benefits of market automation, telemarketing, lead management, campaign monitoring and lead nurturing all rolled into one platform. With this, you can track incoming leads, all communications and every possible opportunities through your account with relative ease and convenience.

You can store and update contact information, score leads depending on how and where they fit in your business strategy as well as the level of their interest in your offerings, manage an event calendar for your appointments, enable and receive real-time email and SMS notifications, edit and sort call lists by location and last call result, receive and view weekly reports complete with recommendations to improve success rates, export reports in CSV format, access all updates across mobile browsers, and even nurture leads via customized automated cross-channel marketing campaigns – such as sending customized emails, directing your clicks to custom landing pages to improve conversion rates, send scheduled Tweets or direct messages to a group of followers, and more!

Callbox Inc.’s Pipeline CRM is truly a powerhouse, and coupled with the fact that you have a dedicated team of specialists that are with you every step of the way, there is no doubt that this is one of the most complete and customer-oriented lead generation services to date.

Customer Support

Callbox Inc. provides solid and swift customer support, and you can contact them quite easily via a bevy of local phone numbers for a variety of countries, via direct email, via an online contact form, or via live chat. Meanwhile, if you are new to lead generation and you are looking to learn more about Callbox’s service, take note that they currently do not have any FAQ or Help sections available. They do have a Resources section, but this is no substitute for a comprehensive FAQ.

What's the Verdict on Callbox Inc.?

A Must Try

Callbox Inc. Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for one a complete, customer-friendly lead generation service, then look no further than Callbox Inc. They offer a truly robust platform, with their amazing proprietary CRM Pipeline leading the charge. They also offer a multi-channel marketing approach so your campaigns can reach a wider range of prospective clients, an insanely huge database of business contacts, a dedicated team assigned to you, fantastic reporting features, and a whole lot more! So, what are you waiting for? Check out Callbox Inc. now and see just why it is an award-winning lead generation platform for yourself!