Get the Right Contacts With Hoovers

With Hoovers you can get access to the right contacts and pay for the ones that you would use. As we have mentioned they use a pay as you go method so you don’t overpay for their services. There are different prices for contacts with Hoovers and you can pick them depending on your needs. Let’s take a quick look at their packages.

  • Direct Mail Addresses: $0.24/contact and you can get company mailing addresses and basic company data.
  • Company Phone Numbers: $0.30/contact and you get the same as Direct Mail package along with Companies Main Phone Numbers.
  • Company Complete Gold: $.054/contact and you get the same as the previous packages plus detailed company data such as number of employees, size and credit s.
  • Direct Email Contacts: $1.20/contact and additional to all the previous packages you get email addresses so you can send email marketing.
  • Direct Phone Contacts: $1.20/contact which is the same as Email Contacts Package but instead of email addresses you get the direct phone numbers of the companies decision makers, not just the gatekeepers.
  • Best Value Direct Phone and Direct Email: $1.50/contact and you get access to all information, direct emails and phone numbers, main phones, complete company information and mailing addresses.

So depending if you want to take a purely email approach or hard-calling, you can use a package right for you and manage your budget.

What's the Verdict on Hoovers?

Worth It, Some Issues

Hoovers Review 2020 – Conclusion

Using Hoovers would definitely be to your businesses advantage with the many contacts you can get from them. Getting your business known is very important but you have to make sure you advertise to the right people that will be interested in what you have to offer, otherwise you would just be wasting time and resources. Hoovers lets you filter out the right contacts easily and at an affordable price so go ahead and sign up for Hoovers and let their services take your business further, they offer free trials too.