Targeted Marketing

As we have mentioned before, you cannot just ask people to give you their email when they visit your website as most people would be tentative to do so. Padiact helps you manage who to invite to subscribe by specifically targeting certain conditions done by your website visitor. This way you can approach a specific group of visitors and not waste time and resources on those less likely to translate into leads.

There are two targeting rules that you can use with Padiact, the Include and Exclude rules. Each rule aims to either include or exclude certain parameters that you set in terms of the website’s visitors.

You can set the parameters to include people that came from partner websites, people that visit a certain number of pages on your website or specific pages on your website. You can set it to target people who are returning visitors, or those that used search engines to get to your website. Padiact lets you choose how many times the website prompts people to subscribe so you can set it to prompt them once or multiple times. Padiact also measures how long a user is on your website and prompt them to subscribe if they have reached a certain number of seconds.

This is the same with the Exclude rule as you can set parameters to exclude. Padiact lets you exclude people who view certain website pages, or who came from specific websites or even countries. You can also make use of Google Analytics to exclude certain users defined with its utm parameter.

Through these two rules, Padiact lets you target a very specific group of visitors on your website. These set parameters may be the one which you feel would most likely be converted into leads and the best part is you can easily edit the parameters depending on the results of your campaign.

What's the Verdict on Padiact?

Worth It, Some Issues

Padiact Review 2020 – Conclusion

Padiact is a very good tool to use to get more email subscribers and, in turn, more leads. It is very affordable and with the different price tiers, it easily available to both small and large businesses. They also offer a demo so you can try it out before actually using it. The only problem might come from embedding the code onto your website but that could be easily resolved by a professional or contacting their customer support. Overall it is still a good service that can translate to you getting more sales leads and in a competitive market, this is very important.