Salesgenie Ease of Use

Anyone in your office can use start using Salesgenie and get the hang of it right away as it functions pretty much like iTunes, with all the commands and buttons out in the open. Salesgenie allows you to organize your leads depending if they are hot, cold or are already clients. They also allow you to assign specific numbers for each contact and pull out records using those numbers. Just a few minutes on Salesgenie and you will feel right at home using it.

Targeted Search

Targeting the right people is as important as the number of people or leads. You can have a hundred leads but other might not be suited to buy what you offer, so it is important to approach those who would most likely be converted to sales. Salesgenie is perfect for this as they have over 100 demographic criteria that you can use to narrow down your search and get only contacts that specify. This way you are sure to maximize a certain group. It could be the best group you feel that would buy what you have to sell or a target demographic for your product. Either way, Salesgenie give you the power to specifically target and get quality leads.

Salesgenie Pricing

Expensive. This is one of the more common complaints from Salesgenie users online who have named other similar services that costs less than Salesgenie. Having a high price on a product might put it out of reach of some of the smaller businesses who have less budgets to work with. They do offer a free trial but you only get 3 days. This is hardly enough time to get acquainted with using Salesgenie and even more so to see if you can get results with their service. If users don’t get a good experience with Salesgenie during that short 3 days then it is most likely that they will not sign up for a membership at all, having a longer trial period can prevent this.

Salesgenie Mobile App

Salesgenie lets you work on the go with their mobile app. Take Salesgenie with you when you are out to meet clients or approach possible sales leads so you don’t have to go back to the office to find more leads. You can find new prospects using the “Near Me” button as it will display businesses around your location. This saves you time and effort and can help you bring more business to your company.

You can also update your contact lists and adjust your prospect notes and create follow up schedules on the go. Salesgenie’s app also helps you get to your meetings as their map feature provides locations and driving directions to your meetings. All this through your mobile device and the best part is they support both Android and iOS so you can enjoy the benefits of having the power of Salesgenie in your pocket with either of the operating systems.

What's the Verdict on Salesgenie?

Worth It, Some Issues

Salesgenie Review 2020 – Conclusion

Salesgenie provides a good way to get contacts and build more leads for your business, and in this highly competitive world you need every advantage you can afford. So using Salesgenie, if within your budget, may be a good step to take. If you do have budget concerns then you would have to contact Salesgenie directly to get their pricing rates. Using Salesgenie will also get you access to their mobile app which is a great help for those that work on the go. Though limited, they do offer a 3 day trial which you might want to try to get a better idea of Salesgenie so go ahead and check them out now.