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Attention fashionistas!  Clean out your closet for easy cash to make way for the latest fashion trends!  Whether you call it resale, second-hand, used or recycled, selling used clothes online is a billion dollar industry.  Your gently-worn clothes are someone else’s treasure. Trust me on this!

Back in the day, thrift stores, swap meets and garage sales were the only outlets to purchase and sell used stuff.  Thanks to the internet, you can buy and sell used clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and purses – locally, nationally and globally!  

If your closet is stuffed with stuff you haven’t worn in years and your bedroom looks like it belongs on an episode of Hoarders, we’re here to help you.   Too busy juggling work, family and sticking to a tight budget? Read on to learn how to earn easy cash and save money – all while looking fabulous!





1st9.8 out of 10Varies

Tradesy Review

A fantastic site that lets you sell your clothes -- where accepted items range from designer clothes to bags -- and commissions are pretty low.Full Tradesy Review »


2nd9.8 out of 10$40.00 Per Month

Bonanza Review

Make it easy to sell clothes online with the help of Bonanza's ready-made templates, free trial and affordable pricing.Full Bonanza Review »


3rd9.4 out of 10Varies

ThredUP Review

A fantastic online apparel store for both buyers and sellers, thanks to how affordable the items are and how easy it is to send in your clothes.Full ThredUP Review »


4th9.2 out of 10Varies

Poshmark Review

AN online marketplace that offers a wide selection of designer clothing items at good prices where you can also sell pre-loved items.Full Poshmark Review »


5th8.6 out of 10Varies

ReFashioner Review

An online couture swap where you can either find or sell quality branded items at good prices.Full ReFashioner Review »

The RealReal

6th8.6 out of 10Varies

The RealReal Review

A good alternative for selling your clothes online, mainly due to how easy it is -- just send in your item and they will do the rest!Full The RealReal Review »

Material Wrld

7th8.6 out of 10Varies

Material Wrld Review

Sell your used clothes easily with Material Wrld and buy new ones with the money your earn or take it home and save up for a bigger online splurge.Full Material Wrld Review »


8th8.4 out of 10Varies

SnobSwap Review

SnobSwap is now rebranded as LePrix - your link to brick-and mortar resale boutiques. Stay tuned for in-depth review!Full SnobSwap Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Things to Look Out For:

Designer Brand … Or not

What makes a designer label?  My personal definition is how much it costs. A classic Chanel tweed jacket will set you back over $5000.  Most definitely a luxury item. A similar jacket at Zara can retail for $150 and can drop to $39 on sale!

If you are lucky enough to have the Chanel gracing your closet, your best bet is to consign it with one of the luxury websites.  Designer clothes are their specialty and they can authenticate it, professionally photograph it and sell it for you. The Zara jacket would be better suited to sites that cater to mass-market buyers.  

In both scenarios, it pays to do your homework before selling.  And after a couple of successes, you’ll be hooked! And don’t even think about selling the fake Louis Vuitton wallet you bought on a Manhattan street corner.  Just saying.

Do-it-yourself or hire someone

Ask yourself these questions. Do you want to sell your clothes directly to a customer?  Or do you want to send your clothes to a third party and they’ll sell for you? Depending on your answer, there are multiple websites to consider.  

By selling your clothes directly to a customer (Ebay, Craigslist), you get to pocket most of the money.  However, this requires more work on your part.

  • Research online what similar items sold for
  • Take good photos
  • Prepare the item for shipping (box, packing materials), weigh it and estimate shipping charges
  • List the item with accurate details, size and weight of box or pickup location
  • Contact buyer
  • Wait for payment (for Ebay purchases) - may need to open PayPal account
  • Take item to shipping carrier ( US post office, UPS, etc.) or meet the buyer in person

Clearly, most of you are groaning after reading this bullet list. Don’t worry, here’s another option - give your stuff to someone else to do the grunt work. Sometimes it’s as easy as filling up their bag with your items, print a shipping label, ship it and wait for either an appraisal or a sale.  The downside is they take a commission, some as high as 30%.

How you get paid

Direct to customer means more money in the bank for you.  Ebay and PayPal both charge minimal selling fees while a Craigslist’s sale is 100% yours.   Other websites will either pay you cash, let you swap for something on their site, offer you store credit or a gift card.  


So you filled up and shipped a bag of your goodies to an online seller and are now waiting for $$$. Then you get an email saying they aren’t interested in your size 2 acid-washed jeans. Say what? Excuse me, those are totally vintage 80’s fashion!  

Now what?   Some websites don’t allow returns. Others will accept clothing only but no accessories and handbags.  Expect to get charged for the return shipping costs. And if you opt out of this, some will donate the items to charity.  It’s worth it to check out their selling guideline and return policy!

Mobile Apps

It makes perfect sense in our digital world to be able to buy and sell on our smartphones.  Not all the websites reviewed have apps. If you are a buyer or seller constantly on the go, you’ll have to “old school it” - open your browser, click on their website, wait until it loads, etc.   

For sellers that download an app on their Android or iOS device, it’s quick and convenient to check if somebody bid on your item or to see if it sold.  A well-designed app increases the likelihood of repeat customers. Face it - apps work faster than websites!

Customer Service

You shouldn’t have to forgo good support if you’re selling used clothing online. Email, chat and a dedicated phone line are all hallmarks of a well-designed e-commerce website.  A detailed FAQ section is a bonus and usually answers most questions about transactions.

Some websites offer a uniquely curated experience. You set up an appointment with a stylist/declutterer to come and organize your closet!  For a fee, of course!



  • Sold $45 worth of clothing and only got $4.50…not worth it.

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