How it Works

Registration is quick and easy as it will only take you minutes to sign up for a free Trade-In kit. Follow the steps and fill out the information on their website and once completed, you just have to wait 3-7 business days to receive the kit, or you can print out a free label and use your own box.

Mail in the kit or the box and wait 5-7 business days for an email offer from Material Wrld on the items that they have selected from your collection. Not all items will be accepted and not all accepted items will automatically be sold. It is still up to you if you want to accept the offer they made or if you feel that the item is worth more elsewhere. Once you have accepted the offers, choose to either donate the remaining clothes or have them sent back to you free of charge.

Whatever proceeds you will get from your trade-in value will automatically be credited to the Material Wrld Debit card they will send you. The card can be used, as mentioned earlier, in the partner establishments that they have as payment for full or partial purchases. You can add cash to your purchase if the amount on your card is not enough, but you cannot cash out the value of the card.

They can also provide Gift Cards or Gift Certificates to their partner establishments which you can use a gift items to friends and family. It is that easy and simple.

Another Way of Earning

Aside from earning money from the clothes that you send in, Material Wrld also offers another way of earning money. Spread the word about Material Wrld to your friends and get 10% commission for whatever item they sell for a year. The more friends you refer, the more credits you will get on your card. Your friends also get an extra $25 value for their first trade-in so they have an incentive to try the service. Just sign up for a referral link or promo code which you can share on Facebook, Twitter or via Email.

Customer Support

Material Wrld offers good customer support options with 24 hour telephone support for card services and 10am-5pm Monday – Friday support for customer service. They also have email support and an FAQ section to help you find answers to basic questions and concerns.

What's the Verdict on Material Wrld?

Worth It, Some Issues

Material Wrld Review 2020- Conclusion

If you are looking for an easy and hassle-free way to sell your clothes online, there is no quicker way to get it sold than Material Wrld. The trade-in process is simple as it involves you sending in your clothes and waiting for the offer from the store. No more waiting if someone will contact you regarding your listing, no more haggling prices with cheap buyers and no more trouble of setting up an online shop. Everything is done easily so you can enjoy the proceeds of your sold items and shop for more clothes to fill your closet with. So don’t wait any longer and check out Material Wrld today!