This has already been touched on earlier but deserves more emphasis as it is the main selling point of ReFashioner. Founder, Kate Sekules says “We don’t want to pollute the field with stuff that’s fine, but not for our site”. This says it all when it comes to what you can expect from ReFashioner as they sell only the best of the best.

This site promotes brand quality and not just an open marketplace to buy and sell old clothes because they believe that if you buy quality, items can have a second, third or even fourth life.

They began as a swap site but evolved into a consignment one due to demand from their users which made ReFashioner even more popular. Though this site may not be for everyone, it is still a good place to find high-end clothing. This exclusivity is what brought about ReFashioner and would likely stay that way as long as it operates.

Simplistic Design, Quality Products

Despite what you might think with the kinds of goods being sold on ReFashioner, their website is very simplistic and easy to use. There is no clutter at all making your experience seamless and enjoyable as you can get right down to shopping for the luxury items you want to buy. The home page pretty much has all the information and links you need. From there you can filter your search by the articles of clothing you are interested in, the designer brand, the seller, the size or even the latest items added to their inventory. Then you just have to click the thumbnail of the item in order to see more information about it such as the description and some information about the seller. Add an item to your cart and check out when you are done shopping, it is that easy. ReFashioner’s simple approach to luxury item shopping is very effective and has garnered praise from a number of satisfied customers as it takes all the unnecessary elements of online shopping away and leaves you with what you came for in the first place.

Customer Support

The customer support for this site is very limited, partly because of the size of the company. There is no FAQ section or community forum to help you out. All they offer is email support which is really basic in any online site. It may have been better to also provide priority telephone support for more urgent concerns or even a live chat to help shoppers out as they are browsing the website. Hopefully this is something that they consider adding in the future.

What's the Verdict on ReFashioner?

Worth It, Some Issues

ReFashioner Review 2020 – Conclusion

ReFashioner is an online shop for the select few that enjoy high-end luxury items and do not mind paying a little higher than you normally would for a second-hand piece. Sellers are also screened carefully to make sure all the items being sold on the website are up to their standard, so if you are just looking for an online store to sell your unused or old clothes, this is not the place for you. If you are part of that select few then ReFashioner is a website you will enjoy as you can find a lot of less-than-retail priced luxury items and pay for them using PayPal. So go ahead and check out the selection this site has to offer, today!