Tradesy App

Most people already browse the internet on mobile devices and Tradesy recognizes this. This is why they offer the Tradesy app for iOS powered devices. Through this app you would be able to browse through the different items posted on Tradesy and purchase through it as well. So no matter where you are, you can go shopping for authentic pre-loved items on Tradesy. The only downside is that they have yet to offer the Tradesy app for Windows or Android powered devices.

An Online Closet

Tradesy is like an online treasure chest for women as there is practically everything in a woman’s closet on sale at Tradesy. Their website is organized into 7 different categories, namely Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Weddings, Designers and Editor’s Picks. Each Category is again divided into different sub-categories such as a particular item of clothing, accessory or designer. Users can browse through all the items for sale easily like a well organized closet to find what they are looking for and maybe even more.

What's the Verdict on Tradesy?

A Must Try

Tradesy Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are a seller and want to get rid of some junk in your home while making money as well, then Tradesy is a good place to go. It would be easy for you to post your item and transact with Tradesy. They even offer free shipping so you don’t have to shoulder that cost. The only cost would be the 9% commission they charge on every sale. If you are looking for designer bags or clothing at marked down prices then Tradesy is also the place to go as they guarantee each item is authentic — or else you get your money back. Whether you are buying or selling, check out Tradesy’s website or download the mobile app today.