Best Wedding Website Builders

Is there a wedding in your future? Did you already announce your engagement? Or are you hoping for someone to pop the question and put a ring on your finger?  Either way, a wedding website should be part of the planning process.

A wedding is one of the most emotional and personal life events you will experience.  It’s meant to be joyful as you celebrate with family and friends. It also produces a lot of stress and anxiety. Weddings are full of details that can get overwhelming. Rest assured – we’ve reviewed the best wedding website builders for you.

Check out the websites that specialize in weddings only and the most popular general website builders with a wedding category. Read on to see our choices to help make your wedding day a success!


Appy Couple1st9.8 out of 10$49.00 One Time

Appy Couple Review

While it has cons, with a laundry-list of features, guest list functionality, RSVP management and more, Appy Couple is a great wedding website builderFull Appy Couple Review »


2nd9.5 out of 10Free

Joy Review

Lots of features plus a fully functional wedding app await you for free. Website customization isn't as advanced as others, though.Full Joy Review »

Say I Do

3rd9.3 out of 10Free

Say I Do Review

Say I Do trims a lot of the fat and delivers a simple, streamlined wedding website builder. There are some limitations though.Full Say I Do Review »
eWedding4th9.2 out of 10$7.00 Per Month

eWedding Review

A simple yet solid wedding website builder offering stunning and customizable themes, RSVP management, multimedia options, and more features.Full eWedding Review »

Riley & Grey

5th9.2 out of 10$35.00 Per Month

Riley & Grey Review

Take the most special day of your life into the digital space- complete with a variety of functions including customization and mobile optimization.Full Riley & Grey Review »

Wedding Window

6th9 out of 10$14.95 Per Month

Wedding Window Review

Although highly affordable, there are some missing elements here and there for it to be a complete package, but it is still a decent builder.Full Wedding Window Review »

Wedding JoJo

7th8.8 out of 10Free

Wedding JoJo Review

A wedding website builder for those who want to build simple yet classy sites that offer lots of features, from RSVP to a fully integrated registry.Full Wedding JoJo Review »


8th8.6 out of 10$19.99 Per Month

Glo Review

Striking a good balance between style and substance, this wedding website builder offers classy designs, e-vites, RSVP tools, and more.Full Glo Review »

Wedding Donkey

9th8.5 out of 10$10.00 Per Month

Wedding Donkey Review

A solid wedding website builder that offers great looking themes, RSVP management, white labelling, and even downloadable keepsakes.Full Wedding Donkey Review »
Wix10th9.9 out of 10$7.00 Per Month

Wix Review

Wix is an amazing website builder with over 500+ beautiful templates, extreme flexibility, and fantastic ease of use. Perfect for virtually any site.Full Wix Review »

Wedding Toolbox

11th8 out of 10$6.50 Per Month

Wedding Toolbox Review

A decent wedding website builder that offers unique features like personalized Flash intros and keepsake cds, though its designs are outdated.Full Wedding Toolbox Review »


12th9.5 out of 10$7.50 Per Month

Jimdo Review

If you want your online shop to also exhibit creativity and responsiveness, then Jimdo website builder has the right templates for you.Full Jimdo Review »


13th8 out of 10$19.00 One Time

Wedsite Review

Despite gorgeous designs, the ability to host your site on a personal domain, and a keepsake cd, the slow performance bogs this site builder down.Full Wedsite Review »

IM Creator

14th8.4 out of 10$9.95 Per Month

IM Creator Review

A creative, purely drag-and-drop website builder that comes with nice templates, but has some limitations in eCommerce and flexibility.Full IM Creator Review »


15th8.4 out of 10Free

XPRS Review

While having a new approach at website building may be exciting, there is still a lot to improve in terms of functions for different industries.Full XPRS Review »


16th9.3 out of 10$6.99 Per Month

Sitelio Review

You can't go wrong with a website builder that offers an easy-to-use editor, hundreds of themes, and other much needed features in its package.Full Sitelio Review »


17th8.4 out of 10$7.79 Per Month

Sitey Review

Basic, easy-to-use website builder offering hundreds of templates, but lacking features, similar looking templates & confusing pricing hold this back.Full Sitey Review »


18th8.1 out of 10$49.00 One Time

Cordially Review

Cordially is a long way off from being the best wedding website builder. Their templates are beautiful, but they are not as modern compared to others.Full Cordially Review »


19th8 out of 10Free

WebsiteBuilder Review

An amazing website builder that offers an easy to use editor, tons of fully customizable templates, mobile optimization, and hosting across all plans.Full WebsiteBuilder Review »


20th8 out of 10$8.99 Per Month

SiteBuilder Review

An easy-to-use DIY website builder where you can choose from thousands of professional-looking templates, and offers free domain and email.Full SiteBuilder Review »
Web Hosting Hub21st8.6 out of 10$3.99 Per Month

Web Hosting Hub Review

A cheap, high-value, feature-packed website builder with a free built-in premium website builder and goodies like $250 free advertising credits.Full Web Hosting Hub Review »


22nd9.4 out of 10$7.99 Per Month

BoldGrid Review

From thousand of themes to a preparatory staging site, you can count on BoldGrid website builder to make your website a definite head-turner.Full BoldGrid Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Why Use a Wedding Website Builder?

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the wonderful world of wedding websites!  A well-crafted wedding website can melt away months of stress for the new couple as well as for family and friends.

No two wedding websites are the same.  There’s tons of features - guest list management, RSVP tracker and reminder, gift registry, upload wedding photos, meal choices, gift ideas for the bridesmaids (say thank you to your girls with a monogrammed necklace), ability to print invitations (for grandmothers who still don’t understand what the internet is all about), travel and hotel recommendations, to name a few.  You pick and choose which ones are best for you.

The top wedding websites offer designs and templates that reflect your style of wedding. Here’s a partial list of themes:

  • Traditional and classic - tuxedos or suits for men and a bridal gown with a 5-foot train and veil (a la Meghan and Harry)
  • Rustic - set in a farmhouse or barn with mason jar vases
  • On the beach - shorts, bikinis and barefoot guests are preferred
  • Alternative - set in a downtown loft or museum and attire is “whatever”
  • Modern - picture classical with a contemporary twist, like a non-traditional wedding dress
  • Garden - floral dresses, hats and leave your Manolo’s at home - wedges preferred
  • Whimsical or themed - think Star Wars with lightsabers and an r2d2 cake
  • Vintage - the style harkens to a particular era, Roaring ‘20’s or Victorian
  • DIY or Do It Yourself - usually the couple handles many of the wedding elements by themselves, like flowers, music, etc.

For couples on a budget, there are free wedding website builders.  But don’t write off paid websites - their pricing is affordable and may offer more features.  And for a minimal monthly upgrade (under $10), it might be worth the price of two caffe lattes to splurge!

User-friendliness should be high on the list. Both the tech-savvy and the technically-challenged should feel comfortable on the site.  Can you navigate easily from the guest list to who hasn’t RSVP’d? How easy is it to reply to guest inquiries? Is the website optimized for smartphones?  The ability to check your iPhone or Android for guest comments and RSVP’s is convenient and almost a necessity for couples on the go.

You don’t need an army to plan a wedding but you should plan it strategically to avoid unnecessary pain and conflict. Hahaha! This is mainly directed at the parents of the bride and groom. They try to expand the guest list to include business contacts, golfing buddies and cousin Sheila, a second cousin twice removed on her third marriage who lives with 20 cats who you’ve seen once when you were 5 years old.  Yes, wedding guest horror stories are very real!  

The best wedding website builders are going to help you create “the event” of your lifetime.  Your choice of a “wed-site” should reflect you as a couple and be tasteful and sensitive to your guests.

Spend quality time together checking out our reviews. There’s a lot details and meticulous planning leading up to forever memories of your wedding day.  And if money is no object, you can even hire a celebrity to attend and perform at your wedding!  


As Private or as Public as You Want It

Do you want your wedding website to show to Be up in a search engine result? Some couples fall into the “sharing is caring” camp - while others prefer to keep their wedding information private. There are real security issues when planning all the events associated with a wedding.

All the Information Your Guests Need in One Place


Do you want to get a phone call, email or text message from each of your 150 guests about wedding details?  Uh no. A wedding website can answer most of the questions (hopefully). Here are some typical issues that come up:

  • Is there parking at the venue?  Should we Uber?
  • Can we bring our kids?
  • Can I bring a plus-one?
  • For the outdoor reception, should I avoid wearing stiletto heels that will sink in the grass?  Or are you going to supply heel protectors?
  • I’m a vegan. Should I eat before I come?
  • What’s everybody wearing?
  • We’re flying in for the weekend.  Any hotel recommendations in our price range?


Managing Your Guest List

Hooray! You and your fiance are finally sitting down together to work on the wedding guest list.  A couple of glasses of wine later - trouble in paradise! How to keep the guest list under control is probably the most stressful part of the planning.  

Once you both agree on the guest list, the best wedding websites can help you manage everything.

  • Send “Save the Date” emails
  • Digital invitations sent out via email
  • RSVP by email and text alerts
  • Physical invitations sent by regular mail
  • Password protected


Get Everyone Involved

A beautifully designed wedding website sets the tone for this special day.  Family and friends are thrilled for you and want to feel part of the celebration. Here’s a list of how they can participate:

  • Buy a gift from your wedding registry
  • Donate to a favorite charity in lieu of a gift
  • Guests can add photos to the website (you can always delete that awkward photo of your geeky 12-year old self with braces that your best friend added)
  • Request songs to be played by the band or DJ
  • Guests can post personal messages to the bride and groom


Tick tock - the countdown has begun to your wedding day!  Relax and take advantage of the best wedding website builders we’ve compiled for you. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with Comparakeet and our readers.  We want to be part of your celebration! And again, congratulations!



  • I think you should add Jolly Moments to the list. We used it for my niece’s wedding and it worked well. Cheers!

    • We’ll take a look and see if it fits our top list. Thanks for the recommendation, Jenny! 🙂

  • IMHO Cordially deserves the place on this list. They have far more creative templates than any website builder here.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll definitely look into that! 🙂

  • Good analysis, although some of the sites listed are a bit dated, and some of them don’t even work on a mobile!

    I found there is a great site at To-Wed which I used for my wedding website. It’s free and there are some good themes, but I just went for a blank page, and built it up from there.

    It has a great feature of Emailing the RSVP to guests, plus I could set up events for the wedding and party afterwards, and invite one group of people to one, and another group to the other. It also let me set up the site by importing my photos from facebook, which is kind of cool, and guests uploaded images of my wedding to my site actually at the event, so I put them straight in the gallery.

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll check it out and see if it fits our list. 🙂

  • I think Joy belongs at the top of the list! First off, it’s free—but that doesn’t really get at what’s great about it. It’s more beautiful and clean looking than any of the other options. The interface is super simple and user-friendly. It’s been really fun to use, we’ve gotten a ton of compliments from our friends and family, and I cannot wait to see all the photos from our guests after the wedding!

    • Hi Leon,

      Joy is definitely one of the best wedding website builders out there, but Appy Couple trumps them by a good margin in terms of customizability. Joy also has certain limitations that Appy Couple doesn’t — like guests not being able to browse your guest list if you only create a website without an accompanying app.

  • Hi,

    it’s a very helpful post, but You should also include ShaadieKhas

    I created a wedding website on it and i think it also a better option for Indian users. They are offering free premium plans to the customers to make a wedding website. They also provide a quick support. i have very good experience from there.

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for the suggestion! We will look into it. 🙂

  • The fact that this doesn’t include Riley & Grey is crazy. They definitely have the best designs and the easiest editor to use.

    • Hey Catherine,
      Thanks for bringing Riley & Grey to our attention! We have added them to our list of upcoming reviews and should have them up in a week or two if they make the cut ?