How Appy Couple Works

Getting started with Appy Couple is a painless process. You start by choosing a design for your website, app, and digital stationery.  Next you enter key information – stories and photos of the couple, key people, event and travel data, your registry, etc.  After that, enter your guest list, send out invitations digitally by Appy email or by printed invitations (if needed) by a 3rd party resource.

Your guests will be able to browse and RSVP by visiting your website or downloading your app. Depending on your privacy settings, guests can only enter your site or view event information if they have your wedding code. You will be notified each time someone responds to the RSVP, and you can send out additional reminders as well.

Appy Couple Templates

Depending on which pricing plan you select, you can choose from Appy Couple’s selection of themes. The lower paid tier allows you access to the Boutique Collection of templates, which is quite exhaustive (over 500); the higher paid tier adds options from the Luxury Collection, which includes limited edition designs created by designers like Carolina Herrera.

Appy Couple Templates

You can change designs at any point in time by simply selecting a new template. There are many options which included great color palettes, patterns, floral designs, vintage designs, and even overlays of maps (New York, London, etc). Designs are applied to your website, your app, and email templates.

Appy Couple Features

Appy Couple is an exceedingly simple wedding website builder to use. That being said, it comes with a fairly complete list of features.

Appy Couple App

The Appy Couple’s App is available for download for most mobile devices:

  • iOS – download at iTunes and requires iOS 10.0 or later; good for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.
  • Android – download at Google Play and requires Android 4.4 and up.      

As with all apps and technology stuff in general, you might need to update the app in case of a glitch. Appy’s developers are pretty good at applying fixes and responding to problems.  

Appy Couple Guest List

A guest list is probably the most stressful component of a wedding. Seating is limited and both sides are angling to get more of their family and friends a seat at the reception. Appy Couple gets it and has created a hassle-free guest list management system.

Here’s how it works:

  • Make your guest list. Together as a couple and then (gulp) ask your parents.
  • Add the mutually-acceptable list with their contact information to the website, either manually or upload it from another computer location.
  • Create plus ones, groups (family, fraternity brothers or sorority sisters, co-workers)
  • If you have multiple events (welcome happy hour, rehearsal dinner, wedding, goodbye brunch), you can choose which guests to invite per event.

Appy Couple Registry

Creating a wedding registry is fun and a great way to plan for your future happy life with your partner! And to be honest, most guests would appreciate guidance on gift-giving. It’s better to register for what you need or want. Nobody needs 5 cast iron skillets, which by the way is one of the most popular wedding gifts in some states.  

Appy Couple has a registry section that allows you to leave a message for your guests about your “wish list.”  You can also drop in direct links to all the websites where you’ve registered. For couples who’ve been living together for awhile, you might want to take inventory of what you have. And it’s totally acceptable to set up a honeymoon or “help us buy our first house” fund.

The online version of Brides magazine has an extensive list of the best wedding registry sites.  Here are some of their selected registry websites – a few obvious ones and a few more off-the-beaten track:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond – You definitely need to check out their website for everything under the sun for home furnishings. And their Registry Incentive feature can get you free gifts based on what your guests buy you!
  • Amazon – Duh!
  • ACME Fine Wines – Build a curated wine cellar with your own Napa Valley sommelier.
  • Honeyfund – After months of wedding overload, a honeymoon is what you both need! Register here and have your guests share in the planning.
  • Domino’s – OMG! And they can also cater your wedding!

Appy Couple Boutique and Luxury Collection Pricing

Appy Couple has two pricing plans – Boutique Collection and Luxury Collection.  

The Boutique Collection is priced at $49 (one-time fee) and comes with all of the following features:

  • Your custom wedding website and mobile app
  • A standard Appy subdomain, which you can upgrade to a custom domain with purchase
  • Customizable wedding code
  • Access to the entire Boutique Collection of over 500 designs
  • Ability to change your design at any time, including via upgrade to the Luxury Collection
  • An active account for as long as you need it
  • All the features of Appy Couple and any new feature releases

The Appy Couple Luxury package is priced at $149 (one-time fee) comes with all the following features:

  • All the same features listed above in Boutique
  • Access to Luxury Collection designs on the design page (Carolina Herrera, Ceci New York, Paradise)

Both collections offer a standard Appy subdomain that’s included in the pricing.  If you prefer to customize your URL domain, there is an extra charge of $19.99 and this can be renewed upon request.   

Save the Date

You announced your engagement and are now bombarded with the next obvious questions – “when” and “where.” Maybe you’ve decided on a date but the location is still being worked out. Letting family and friends know in advance of a wedding date is just common sense. Appy Couple has tools for you to let them know to “Save the Date.”

Appy Cards are digital postcards that can be customized to share with your guests via email, social media, and text messages.  A Save the Date postcard can include text, a photo or a video. And most importantly, don’t forget to include your wedding website URL with your Wedding Code which will give your guests a preview of the upcoming celebration.  

Appy Couple doesn’t have printed invitations and Save the Date cards. If you need to print some (for your 90 year old grandmother), you can order them to match certain designs in select collections.  And any custom design questions can be directed to their design team who are more than happy to help!

Appy custom design inquiry form

Appy custom design inquiry form

Wedding Invitation Code

An invitation code is required for all guests to access your wedding website and app on Appy Couple.  Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will be given a Wedding Code to give to your guests if you’ve enabled the privacy setting. Guests only need to enter it once and the information is saved for future visits. Whew!

Why do you need a Wedding Code? Here’s why:

  • Control who enters your website and what actions they can perform.
  • For guests not on your list, enable an email or push notification to you requesting access when they try to enter your site. Requires approval from you via your app or Dashboard.
  • Protect the privacy of you and your guests – wedding crashers not welcome (unless you’re Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) or famous celebs who actually crashed a wedding!

Web-based Editor

You can access your editor from your phone or computer – wherever you are. The editor is your home base where you manage the entire system.

Appy Couple Guest Lists, and The RSVP System Invites,

Sharing Information

The website has dedicated areas to upload important and fun pieces of information including:

  • Stories (e.g. how you met, how you got engaged, etc.)
  • Pictures
  • Key People (bridal party, best man and maid of honor, parents, siblings, etc.) with pictures and stories
  • Events (reception, ceremony, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and anything else) that you can set to be only visible invited guests
  • Travel information
  • Registries (Appy Couple interfaces with most major wedding registries) directly accessible from your website

RSVP Management

One of Appy Couple’s nicest features; this is reviewed in detail in the next section.

Photo & Video Gallery

You can add photos and videos of yourselves as well as the event and share them with everyone. The nice thing about Appy Couple is that once you pay for it, you have it forever. In addition to before the wedding, we used the website afterwards to show everyone our pictures as well as to get everybody else’s pictures.


Beyond the invites, Appy Couple allows you to send out reminders, updates, and even address collection e-mails before it all gets started.

Sections Just For Fun

Appy Couple allows you to a countdown clock to build excitement, a Guest Book to receive notes from loves ones, and on the app, a section for virtual champagne toasts!

How the RSVP Feature Works on Appy Couple

One of the highlights of Appy Couple is its guest management system. For wedding planners and invited guests, the RSVP process is simple. Whether you have multiple events (welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, photo shoot, or farewell brunch) or one big wedding celebration, Appy can keep track of all the RSVP’s.  Let’s break this down in two sections – guest and host.

Guest RSVP’s

There are three ways for your guests to RSVP – click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this:

  • RSVP on wedding website
  • RSVP from Appy Couple app
  • Group RSVP via website or app – easy way for families to RSVP

All guests have the opportunity to change their RSVP and you will get notified if this happens.  You can also control the amount of plus ones per guest. And your guest will be prompted to add their plus one’s name.  Perfect when you can’t remember the name of your boss’s husband – was it Brandon, Brian, Benjamin?


For the Host

Appy Couple is going to make your life sooooo much easier in keeping track of the RSVP’s. Here are some cool features:

  • Real-time notifications – It can be annoying to get an alert every time someone replies or asks a question. For those with OCD tendencies, you’re welcome!
  • Dashboard – You can log in here to see who has RSVP’d.
  • Send emails to those who have not yet responded.
  • When you receive an RSVP, you can automatically ask additional questions to your guest – are there dietary restrictions (allergies, vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, diabetic, halal or kosher)
  • Custom RSVP widgets allow you to get more detailed responses – like travel arrangements, event song requests, etc.  You can even download these on a spreadsheet to send to vendors and caterers.
  • Keep track of RSVPs to multiple events.

appycouple Real-Time Notifications and Informative RSVP Responses



Appy Couple Examples

Need inspiration for your Appy Couple website?  Check out these wedding website examples for these 3 couples – each designed a website with different themes based on their lifestyles and wedding locations. Meet Rachel and Kristian, Leigh and Caty and Ashton and Tim!

Appy Couple Wedding Website Examples

For Rachel and Kristian’s wedding website, we took screenshots of 4 web pages – welcome, gallery, key people and gifts.  


Welcome page for Rachel and Kristian's wedding website

Welcome page for Rachel and Kristian’s wedding website

Why it works:  The black and white photo on the landing page gives it a timeless quality accentuating light and shadows.


Gallery page from Rachel and Kristian's wedding website

Gallery page from Rachel and Kristian’s wedding website

Why it works:  This is visually more interesting with the mix of color, black and white photos and candid and posed shots.


Key People from Rachel and Kristian's wedding website

Key People from Rachel and Kristian’s wedding website


Why it works:  Why not give a shout-out to your wedding party!  


Gifts page from Rachel and Kristian's wedding website

Gifts page from Rachel and Kristian’s wedding website

Why it works:  A very classy way to say “Show me the money” – thank you but we’ve been living in a small one bedroom walk-up and have no room for more stuff.  


For Leigh and Caty’s wedding website, we took screenshots of 3 web pages – welcome, events and stories.


Welcome page from Leigh and Caty's wedding website

Welcome page from Leigh and Caty’s wedding website


Why it works:  A picture is worth a thousand words – common interests drew them together and gives you a clue what to expect for the wedding weekend.  


Events page from Leigh and Caty's wedding website

Events page from Leigh and Caty’s wedding website


Why it works: Hint – leave the formal clothes at home and bring your hiking boots!  


Stories page from Leigh and Caty's wedding website

Stories page from Leigh and Caty’s wedding website

Why it works: Guests love to hear about the bride and groom’s background and how they met!  


For Ashton and Tim’s wedding website, we took screenshots of 3 web pages – welcome, hotels, and app.


Welcome page from Ashton and Tim's wedding website

Welcome page from Ashton and Tim’s wedding website

Why it works:  The black and white photo with the city backdrop oozes chic-ness and sophistication, hinting at the tone of the wedding and reception.


Hotels page from Ashton and Tim's wedding website

Hotels page from Ashton and Tim’s wedding website

Why it works: Give your out-of-town guests hotel recommendations that have your stamp of approval!


Apps page from Ashton and Tim's wedding website

Apps page from Ashton and Tim’s wedding website

Why it works: Let your guests download the app on their smartphones to share in the celebration!  


Appy Couple General Information

Appy Couple’s website is pretty straight-forward, intuitive and user-friendly. If questions come up, we’ve listed several ways to contact customer support.  Also, social media options are available at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

Appy Couple Help

Appy Couple has an extensive FAQ section.

Appy Couple Customer Service

If you still have questions that are not addressed on the website, here are email support options:

Appy Couple Support Phone Number

If all else fails, give them a call at (877) 868-2779 (EST).

What's the Verdict on Appy Couple?

A Must Try

Appy Couple Review 2020 – Conclusion

Appy Couple is one of the best wedding website builders on the market today! User-friendly, intuitive and inexpensive are features that all future brides and grooms want to hear.

Their wedding specific platform simplifies the planning process, which by nature is stressful.  Let Appy Couple make  your wedding the most memorable celebration of your lifetime!