Joy’s Features

Joy is unlike most wedding website builders out there (or most website builders in general, for that matter). First and foremost, it is 100% free – no hidden fees, no ads, no gimmicks that aim to nickel-and-dime you. They do this now in the hopes of attracting larger business from heavyweights in the wedding industry in the future. Whether they end up charging for their services down the line is anyone’s guess. For now, this is one of the best wedding website builders, which also happens to include an app, that won’t cost you a single cent. This is all thanks to the wealth of features they offer.

As Simple as It Gets

Building your wedding site, for starters, is quite easy to use as it is rather simple (maybe a bit too simple – more on this later). You start by answering a few questions, such as you and your betrothed’s names, the date of your big day, your preferred website color, and more. Once you are done, you simply sign up in order to reserve your Joy website and then you can proceed to editing your website and app. You can change the colors and fonts, add photos, customize content and even take out unnecessary sections. Already set up a wedding registry elsewhere and don’t need another one on your site? No problem.

One thing that some might not like is the fact that Joy is too simple in some areas. There is no way for you to change the template to something that fits your wedding more appropriately, nor is there a way for you to make deeper customizations. You also don’t get to connect your own domain for a more personalized approach. You do get to design and customize your invites, though. They offer various templates and backgrounds, and even the ability to edit the code. As for your website itself, the design Joy offers, though simple, is rather classy and modern – which should fit most weddings. And if you simply want to create a wedding site with all the important bells and whistles, then this can do exactly that.

Manage Your Wedding Schedule

With every Joy wedding website you get digital RSVP management, which allows you to send RSVPs to your guests via your account dashboard. Guests respond via your app or website, and all information is updated in real-time in your guest list. You can even export that list as a CSV file so you can share it with your planner. If you already have a guest list created in either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, Joy also allows you to import that into your website.

Joy also allows you to add in all the schedule and travel details of your big day so your guests can see it all in one place. You can also change anything there and your website and app will both update accordingly. You can also keep your guests updated by sending them custom notifications and messages, via email or as an in-app notification.

Login-less RSVP

A relatively new feature introduced by Joy is login-less RSVP, which should definitely make your guests happy. Unlike a lot of other wedding website builders, guests don’t have to create an account just to be able to respond to RSVPs – which should be a big help to the less tech-savvy of your loved ones. When you set your wedding website to private, all you need to do is send your guests the passcode in order for them to access the site if they don’t have an account yet. It’s that simple and hassle-free!

Guest Interactivity with Joy

In terms of guest interactivity, you can allow them to take and upload photos to your timeline. You can also choose to let them share the photos in your timeline to either Facebook or Instagram. The guest list itself offers a level of interactivity, allowing guests to message each other. You can also highlight your wedding party – complete with photos and bios – so your guests can get to know them.

As if these were not enough, you can also take advantage of their Live Slideshows feature that allows you to connect your Moments timeline to a projector, allowing you to showcase photos and messages there as a slideshow. For the aforementioned wedding registry feature, Joy allows you to link to as many registries as you like. For security purposes, you can also choose to make your website public or have certain sections available only to selected guests. And finally, you can give admin access to as many people as you like. So if you want relatives or even your planner to help you manage your wedding website, you can do so quite easily.

Joy’s Customer Support

For the most part, Joy offers decent customer support options. You get a comprehensive knowledge base that details just about every aspect of their service, for instance. You can also peruse guides and various tips and tricks to get the most out of your wedding website. Their community forum is also a great place to ask help from both the Joy team, as well as other users. Finally, there is also live chat and an Ask a Question option, though you have to sign up in order to access the latter.

What's the Verdict on Joy?

A Must Try

Joy Review 2020 – Conclusion

For a free service, Joy is pretty outstanding. You get a ton of features that would otherwise cost you a monthly subscription elsewhere. More than that, you also get a native app for both Android and iOS devices, also free of charge! While there is absolutely no catch (i.e. hidden fees), there is a caveat: it isn’t as advanced in some areas compared to other services. There is no way of changing the template, nor can you use your own domain. In short, you are stuck with what they have. That said, the design they offer is quite modern and sleek, and should fit just about any wedding. More importantly, planning weddings is already a stressful time for couples, so Joy’s simplicity could be the breath of fresh air that some need. Plus, now that they have introduced login-less RSVP into the fold, guests won’t have to jump through hoops just to be able to respond. So if you want more advanced customization options, then you might be better off elsewhere. Otherwise, Joy is definitely one of the best wedding website – and wedding app! – builders out there if you just want to create a website that is feature-packed, easy to use and doesn’t cost a dime.

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