Packages and Rates

Wholesale2b’s plans depend on the platform where you will be selling the products, which is a godsend if you are planning to sell them via eBay or Amazon. Starting with their eBay Drop Ship Package which costs $24.99 a month, you get a listing tool which directly pushes the products to your eBay account.

This tool is certified and compliant with eBay standards, so you can use it all you want without worry. You also get 240 auction templates to choose from to make yours stand out from the others.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Drop Ship Plan costs $37.99 a month and offers the Amazon Push tool. It also gives you automated daily inventory updates, and once orders are shipped, automatically sends the tracking codes.

And because Amazon sometimes mistakenly mismatches UPC and ASIN codes, Wholesale2b’s Amazon Push Tool solves this by either pre-validating items and assigning them the correct ASIN codes, or by allowing you to manually validate your items. You also get access to estimated profit and loss reports, as well as control over the published shipping costs.

If you haven’t set-up your online store yet, then the Drop Ship Website Plan should be perfect for you. At $39.99 a month, they will take care of building your website and filling it with items from your chosen suppliers. They have a vast selection of suppliers integrated in their system, with over 500 categories. Just give them a day to do the work, and you will have your website up and ready to accept orders.

If you want to give the website your own personal touch, you can also customize it without any technical knowledge needed, thanks to their user-friendly design tool. You can also change your list of suppliers and products anytime from your admin account without waiting for their team, so any changes can be applied to your website instantly.

Moreover, if your chosen domain is available, they’ll take care of registering it on your behalf. Third-party payment gateways are readily integrated, and multiple SEO options are on hand to boost your rankings in any search engine.

On the other hand, if you already have an online shop running on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, opencart, ZenCart, or others, you can opt for the Drop Ship Data Feed Plan.

For $24.99 a month, you can import their drop shipping products from over 90 suppliers into your virtual shelves just by downloading a single file. This plan gives you access to all of their standard feeds, which are updated on a daily basis and contain pertinent product data such as: item number and names, description, category, wholesale and retail prices, UPC, and quantity in stock, to name a few.

You can also create up to three custom feeds like marketplace and shopping cart feeds. Additional ones will cost $8.99 a month each. They support a whole bunch of marketplace websites like Bing, Google, Thefind, Amazon, Shopzilla, and Turbolister.

New Plans for More Flexibility

Wholesale2b has added two new plans: the Do-It-Yourself Plan, and the All Inclusive Plan. The former, which goes for a price tag of $67 a year, lets you resell any of their listed products and use your own tools to sell and market them in true DIY fashion.

Once you receive orders, you can enter them in your Wholesale2b account and they will take care of communicating with the respective supplier, or you can process the order on your own with the supplier of your choice.

The All Inclusive Plan, meanwhile, combines all of their plans into one single package, meaning you have access to their eBay and Amazon tools, you can download their standard feeds, and you can have a website created for you, all for a discounted price of $82.99 a month.

This package is great if you want to start your business with a bang and open in as many platforms possible, or if you are ready to expand your business beyond more than one website. Since this increases the exposure of your store, you’ll have a much better chance hitting sales targets and ultimately making profit.

Wholesale2b Dropship Apps

Wholesale2b has also released apps that are compatible with Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, and WooCommerce. These apps make it easy to import products to your store and track inventory in real time. They also provide easy one-click order fulfillment with tracking codes sent automatically to your account. All apps cost $29.99 a month.

A minor caveat: in cases where a customer is unsatisfied and decides to return an undamaged item, certain suppliers may apply a 20% restocking fee for their products, meaning not only have you lost a sale, you’d also be charged for a portion of the item’s price.

Jampacked with Features

Wholesale2b has 1.5 million products – and counting – under their roof, which you can easily view by category, supplier, keyword, APC, and many more filtering options. Categories include apparel, electronics, baby products, pet supplies, mobile phones, computers, collectibles, home and living items, fragrances, grocery products, musical instruments, paintings, automotive accessories, and a whole lot more.

To add a touch of convenience, inventories are updated automatically, limiting the chances of inventory error and saving you the headache of explaining the mistake to your customers. You can get reports of the top selling items and use it to your advantage, too. And, since many of their suppliers offer international shipping, you can make use of their service even if you are not located within the USA.

Two Options to Process Orders

Wholesale2b gives you the freedom to choose how you would like to process orders. One option is by communicating directly with the suppliers, while the other leaves all the dirty work into their hands.

Option 1: Direct Order To Suppliers

Since you will be communicating directly with the suppliers, it is a prerequisite that you apply for a reseller account first. Once your application has been approved, you can then place the ordered item into their website, proceed to the checkout process, and pay for the item. You will also be responsible for obtaining a tracking code to supply to your customer. While this route gives you more tasks to do, you won’t be charged with any handling fees by Wholesale2b. This way, you get 100% of the profit.

Option 2: Wholesale2b Handling

All orders will be listed in the order history with a pending status. If they came from Amazon or the website that was made for you by Wholesale2b, all you have to do is click the Order Now button and they will do the rest. You don’t need to enter any details after this. If you are coming from eBay, then just click the Add to Cart button and follow the checkout steps, which takes only a few minutes to finish.

Once they have finished processing the order, the order status will change to “In Progress”. If the item is already shipped, you will receive a tracking order sent via email, at which point the status will be updated to “Shipped”. You can then track the package until it reaches the customer. If there are any requests for returns or cancellations, their team will also take care of it. All you have to do is inform them of the request and they will coordinate with the supplier promptly.

Before, choosing this route meant that you will have to pay an additional 3% + a $2.50 per-order charge, but they have since discontinued charging customers for every order. You will still have to face a 3% charge though, but, thankfully, it applies to wholesale orders only.

Customer Service

You can contact Wholesale2b’s support team only via two routes: either by initiating a live chat session or by submitting a ticket request. The live chat option gets you instant responses; unfortunately, it is only available during business hours. Submitting a ticket request, meanwhile, requires an account. Thankfully, creating one does not entail any costs. Still, it would have been better if they supplied users with a phone number or an email address for convenience. You can try contacting them via their social media accounts, though there’s no guarantee your inquiry will be attended to at the soonest time possible, if at all. You can find them in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for the latest news and updates.

What's the Verdict on Wholesale2b?

Worth It, Some Issues

Wholesale2b Review 2019 – Conclusion

Wholesale2b gets a lot of things right, but it falters in a few areas. On one hand, they offer rates that any aspiring online entrepreneur can afford, complete with tools that can automate the product syncing process, and daily inventory updates to help do away with errors and customer complaints. Their plans are nicely structured, as well. These are dependent on your e-commerce platform of choice, so you can take full advantage of the specific tools and services they offer.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that some suppliers charge a restocking fee for returned items, although this is not uncommon in drop shipping companies. Finally, while their support options are not terrible, they can still do better – 24/7 phone or live chat support would have been welcome. All in all, Wholesale2b provides a decent, competitively priced drop shipping service with a densely populated list of suppliers and products, but there is a bit of room here for improvement.