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MotoCMS Pricing and Features

The Cost of Quality Templates

MotoCMS Website Builder works a bit differently compared to most of its biggest competitors. Instead of a subscription model, users purchase licenses for website templates along with access to the service’s website building tools. Once you’ve paid for a template, you’re free to edit it as you like and use it on one domain (more if you purchase a developer’s license).

Templates can cost as low as $31, but these options are limited to single landing pages. If you want support for multiple pages, the lowest prices as of this writing is at $129. Other templates can cost a bit more. However, you can expect to pay upwards of $200 – $300 especially if you opt for multiple add-ons.

MotoCMS pricing

If that’s a bit too steep for your budget, don’t worry. MotoCMS offers a free 14 day trial for all of their templates. It’s highly recommended that you take advantage of this trial before making any purchase. You’ll unlock all the customization options and have a good amount of time to tailor a template to your preferences. Just sign up with your email address and get to tinkering.

(Each account can only edit one trial template at a time. If you want to try out multiple templates simultaneously, you’ll need to sign up with different email addresses.)

After the 14 day trial is over, you’ll have to either purchase the template or lose all the changes you’ve applied.

Another option is to buy templates in bulk to enjoy instant discounts for up to 50 templates. Discounts equate to the number of templates you buy. For example, 10% off for 10 templates, 20% for 20, and so on.

Noteworthy Tools

Here are some other features that MotoCMS offers:

  • Blog Post Manager: Write and edit all your posts in one handy location. Although not as robust as other dedicated blogging services, MotoCMS helps you create polished content for your website.
  • SEO Tools: Create and edit a sitemap for your domain to help optimize your website for search engines. Other settings can be found under the SEO section of each template. You can also purchase a SEO Audit service as an add-on, which costs $39 on top of the price of your template.
  • eCommerce Tools: Outfit your website with a shopping cart and payment system to allow for a fully-operational online store. You can also set tax and shipping options, manage customer orders, view statistics, and more. This service costs a one-time fee of $49.
  • MailChimp Support: Add a MailChimp widget to your website and let visitors easily sign up for email updates or your newsletter.
  • Disqus Support: Add a Disqus widget to any of your pages to facilitate better engagement with your audience.
  • Analytics Integration: MotoCMS lets you integrate your Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts directly into your template so you can keep track of your website’s performance anytime. This feature also works with Yandex.