Drizly Prices

We compared the prices of some of the trending and sought after drinks from 3 liquor stores- Drizly, Liquorama, and Liquormart. While there are some drinks where the other stores have lower prices, Drizly mostly wins the competition when it comes to offering the best prices for alcoholic drinks, regardless if it’s beer, wine, or another type of spirit.

Bulleit Bourbon$19.99 – $54.99$25.99$23.99
Baileys Irish Cream Original$15.99 – $44.99$19.99$19.98
Johnnie Walker Blue Label$139.99 – $314.99$179.97$167.98
Hennessy V.S Cognac$27.99 – $69.99$39.98not available
Fireball Cinnamon Whisky$11.49 – $31.99$12.98$14.99
Bacardi Superior Rum$9.99 – $26.96$10.99$13.98
Campari$9.99 – $45.99not available$32.99

Drizly Inventory

Drizly literally has thousands of drinks available at their shop, meaning you can find almost any booze for a fancy dinner or house party right at their pages. Thanks to their partnership with local retailers, they are able to offer everything that the store has on its shelf. Just for beers alone, they have more than 10,000 selections, with a variety on brand, ingredients, and origin. Liquorama and Liquormart pales in comparison with more or less only around a hundred beers to offer.

As for wines and liquors, Drizly doesn’t differ much from the other stores, since they all offer a vast selection, from the most common variants like white and red wine, chardonnay, champagne, and merlot (for wines), and whiskey, vodka, and rum (for liquors); to the less popular types like sake, dessert wine, nebbiolo, and vlognier (for wines), and mescal, cognac, and gin (for liquors).


Aside from the collection of alcoholic beverages that Drizly has, they also provide some extras like certain sodas, ice bags, bitters and mixers which you can use for mixing cocktails. They also provide fruit juices and energy drinks for those who prefer to have an alcohol-free time, or would want to mix those into cocktails as well. With the assortment of recipes that they provide, you can easily make your own drinks and get a great party going.

Drizly App

Drizly aims to bring convenience to their users by providing an online store where they can order their favorite liquor and have it delivered right to their doorstep. And with mobile devices taking over the regular desktop or laptop, it is only right that Drizly also provide a mobile app.

The Drizly mobile app for Android and iOS powered devices works very similar to their website. First you have to sign in to your Drizly account then browse through their selection of various beverages for your favorites and have them delivered right to your registered address.

Now you can order liquor in just a few minutes by whipping out your smart phone and placing an order with Drizly. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on your couch, at the office or walking home, the convenience that Drizly brings with its mobile app is, without a doubt, superb.

What's the Verdict on Drizly?

A Must Have

Drizly Review 2020 – Conclusion

Drizly is a great service as it provides convenience and even safety to its users. Imaging being able to have beer or any other liquor delivered right to your door instead of going on a beer run late in the evening. That alone is definitely worth the extra $5 you have to pay for delivery charges. With the added convenience of being able to order with the Drizly app and not having to pay a mark-up for the liquor prices, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t use their services. The only problem really is the coverage areas as they are still rather limited, though Drizly is looking to continuously expand and grow to reach more customers. So if you are within their coverage areas, check out Drizly today!

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