Business and Personal offers two different options, either Business or Personal. Each one offers different pricing for conducting a background check. If you are a business or organization that would need to run background checks on pontential employees then this would cost you $29.95. To conduct this search you would need the complete name, address, date of birth, SSN and state the person will work in.

Personal options means you will be using it to check on yourself and see what people might see if they run a background check on you. Though you can run this search on other people as well given you know the required information about them. They offer 3 different searches for this, Driving Records, National Criminal Background Check and State Criminal Background Check.

The Driving Records costs $39.95 and would require you to select the drivers’ licesnse state, indicate the complete name, date of birth, driver’s liscense number and legal address in order to conduct a search.

The National Criminal Background Check costs $29.95 and would include information about prison and probation sentences, offense history and more. This would require the same information as a Driving Records search except for the liscense number.

The State Criminal Background check costs $19.95 and runs a statewide criminal history search which requires the same information to be input as the National Criminal Background Check. With only a difference of $10, it might be better to go with a National Search for a wider range than just searching a single state.

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Worth It, Some Issues Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are a business in need of a background check service to screen potential employees, is a great option to consider. They specialize in providing businesses with a means to check the criminal history of people with access to millions of records. Individuals can also use this service but more for checking the information about themselves that other might find out as searches require information that individuals might not have on people they do not really know. The pricing of is also a little high for individuals but businesses with more resurces would be able to afford this easily. So if you are looking for a way to screen applicants then check out