PeopleFinders Pricing

PeopleFinders offers different kinds of searches that come at varying prices so you can spend only on what you need. They also offer monthly subscriptions so you can enjoy unlimited searches and reports aside from the per-transaction payment. Here is a quick look of what they have to offer so you know what you are getting into before you actually pay anything.

People Search Report: – This contains information such as the full name, address, contact info, prior residence, relatives, aliases and DOB. Costing $1.95 per report and $0.95 with the special offer of 3 day unlimited trial.

Public Records Report: – This would contain all the information that is present on a people search report with the addition of marriage and divorce records, birth and death records as well as property records. A single report would cost you $2.95 and on special offer for $.095 with the 3 day unlimited trial.

Statewide Criminal Report: – This contains the name, DOB, gender of a person as well as criminal records like offense date, code, description, case number, disposition date, misdemeanor, felony, sexual offense checks and distinguising marks. Costing $5.95 per report and $0.40 with the 3 day trial offer, you would be able to search a single state’s records.

Nationwide Criminal Report:- A nationwide criminal report would contain the same information as a statewide report but this would access the entire nation’s database instead of single state. This costs significantly more at $14.95 per report and $9.95 with the special offer.

Background Report: – A background report contains all the information from the previous reports and is the most complete product available with PeopleFinders. This is offered on a 3 day trial with the special price of any of the other reports and is offered on an introductory price of $19.95 and renews at the regular price (Regular price is $29.95 and offers unlimited searches).

What's the Verdict on PeopleFinders?

Worth It, Some Issues

PeopleFinders Review 2020 – Conclusion

PeopleFinders offers a lot of reports that you can use depending on the information you are looking for on a person, that way you can pay per report and spend only on what you need. They also offer a monthly subscription with unlimited background checks so you can search as much as you want. Their reports are very easy to read and are organized neatly so anyone can understand them. Their prices are on a special offer and you are given an additional discount if you try to navigate away from the checkout page. So go ahead and give PeopleFinders a try today.