How Blogger Made The Grade!

Blogger is a good choice for many beginners and blog lovers who want to enjoy blogging with minimum or not cost. You can easily start blogging on blogger and all you need to do this is a simple Google or G-mail account that maximum people today have. You can also easily add your Google circles account with your blogger’s blog so you can show your blog updates to your friends, colleagues, and family members on the go.

You can also let the visitors sign up for your blog’s subscription through the feedburner. Being a part of Google you can rely on blogger for 100% uptime and uploading speed. You can use a template from the free templates of blogger. If you want an elegant template then you can buy one for some bucks from the website who sells blogger templates. You can also do some changes in the programming of these templates on your own or hire a professional developer to do it for you.

Important Buyer Information

Blogger has many drawbacks and this platform is not suitable for professionals who need a blog for their business or service provider websites. The features of blogger platform are not enough to make it good for a professional blog. Blogger lacks the most common aspects for blog i.e. SEO. You cannot easily add meta tags to your blog posts on blogger and you have to do it manually. Blogger also has many spammers who use this platform only for spamming the internet with unnecessary downloads and softwares.

Blogger don’t provide your blog any protection with these kinds of spammers and you should lose your visitors and buyers if you are running a professional blog on this platform. Blogger also lacks some very common customization options and drag and drop facility that other blogging platforms like Weebly provides you.

What's the Verdict on Blogger Blogging?

Worth It, Some Issues

Blogger Blogging Review 2020 – Conclusion

Blogger is a best platform for beginners because it is free and don’t need any investments. You can get an overview of how to do blogging on internet through blogger. Once you have a taste of blogging, then you can shift to any other professional platforms like WordPress or Weebly.

I have been using blogger since many months and I found that this platform is good for some people who need to blog daily as a hobby and not profession. This platform is nice for small bloggers like authors, editors, photographers, lyric writers, and other art lovers who want to share their views and resources with their lovers and friends on the internet.