Quora’s History In Blogging

Quora has become a trend on internet community after its launch in 2009. Today Quora has millions of registered users and that’s why this site is the best way to increase your presence as a blogger. This site is best for some new users who want to increase their online presence. Quora has become a question answering digest and today thousands of questions are posted everyday on this website related to different topics and genres.

I was really amazed to see a variety of questions on this website that are related to current affairs and various issues related to communities. Quora is the best site to get some insights about what is happening around us and what issues are in the news. I had found many interesting topics on this website that are trending like – “Obama’s visit to India” and “Cricket World Cup 2015.”

I think that this is a great place to get some limelight from the large registered users of Quora. If you are a beginner and want to put your opinions in front of the whole world, then this website should be a great place for you.

Important Buyer Information

If you are a professional and looking for a personal blog for your users then Quora may disappoint you because this site is basically a guest blogging site where you can post your questions and ask other users to answer it. However, if you want to increase the traffic on your main website or blog, then you can post some relevant questions related to your blog’s niche and business to get real time traffic from this website. Internet is all about presence and traffic and this site is really a great place to not only increase your presence and also to increase the traffic of your personal website or blog.

If you are not interested to put your own questions then you can find the questions of other people relevant to your business and answer them. You can put your website’s URL as a source to get some real visitors for your website.

What's the Verdict on Quora?

Worth It, Some Issues

Quora Blogging Review 2020 – Conclusion

Blogging is not only about business and earning money but today it has become a weapon to send your voice to the bureaucrats who are churning the resources of common people for their own motivation. Website like Quora gives us a platform to put our opinion in front of the whole world so that it should be listened.

When I first sign up for Quora, I have seen many topics and news which even the most famous newspapers missed. Some questions and posts were very interesting to read. This platform should be best for newspaper agencies, reporters, authors, and common people who want not only to put their opinion in front of the whole world but also to increase their presence. I must recommend this website to anyone who has a question inside his mind and who need answers for them.