Mixxx Pricing and Features

Mixxx is an open source, free-to-use DJ mixing software, making it the perfect choice for starting DJ aspirants or those who simply cannot afford to buy a mixing program with their limited resources. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Linux systems.

With simple drag and drop gestures, you can start editing a track with Mixxx. You have four decks on your screen, each one fitted with a scratchable, scrollable waveform with markings on beat and cue points. Notably, the  interface has improved from the first version of the software. Now, you can resize the skins as you want, you can show and hide element as needed, or change the skins and configure the layout, as the package also includes 3 designer skins to choose from. While that may not be a lot, it certainly is a step in the right direction in giving users more personalization options.

Syncing multiple tracks prove to be a breeze with Mixxx’s master sync feature as the beats of tracks stay locked even if you change their speed. If you happen to find a specific portion that you would like to loop, you can do with the beat looping button, allowing you to loop a 4, 8, or 16 beat segment. You can also trigger short loops and reverse playback effects to keep the rhythm going.

One thing you will notice is that the effects within the program are quite limited, offering only flanger, Moog 4-pole ladder filter, Echo, Reverb, and BitCrusher. This, however, may still be a work in progress,  especially since the previous version only allowed for one effect to be applied to any deck. You can now set up a chain group of effects in up to 4 FX units. You can also enjoy tweaking multiple parameters at once with a single knob, with assignable affected effects.

Recording and broadcasting your mixes is an easy task to do as well, and you can store your tracks in lossless WAV format or compressed OGG Vorbis form. You can share your creations via Shoutcast or Icecast, or through MP3 streaming, although by default, this option is disabled due to licensing restrictions. Enabling this option requires you to download a LAME binary and copying some files to the Mixxx folder. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry; you can read a full step-by-step procedure of the process over at their website, complete with the link for the needed download.

Mixxx Customer Support

Mixxx has a dedicated community support center where you can find FAQs, user manuals, forums, developer mailing list, IRC channel, which can be used to ask for assistance, and to chat with developers and fellow Djs, and a bug tracker, in case you encounter any within the program. You can also reach their support team by sending an email, although you need to be subscribed in the website to do so. For the latest news and updates, you can connect with them via Facebook and Twitter.

Control with Your Vinyl

Aside from Mixxx’s solid DJ mixing features, which will be discussed in a short while, the package contains a little extra that is worthy of being highlighted, and will surely be appreciated by vinyl jockeys. Mixxx comes with a free timecode vinyl control which lets you operate the program from your turntable or CDJ, and a mixer. As of this writing, a handful of timecodes are supported as well, such as Serato CV02, Traktor Scratch MK1, and MixVibes DVS V2, with absolute positioning, needle cueing, and end of record detection. It is the only software to offer this feature across different operating systems, namely Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, so you can bet that you will be using a well-developed program. Their website also contains a full section dedicated to the configuration and troubleshooting of this setup, guiding you throughout the whole setup process.

What's the Verdict on Mixxx?

There Are Better Options

Mixxx Review 2020 – Conclusion

Although there is still a lot of room for improvement, being an open source software gives Mixxx the advantage to explore a whole boatload of possibilities with each update, especially with developers working hand-in-hand to make it a better DJ mixing software. You have almost the same features in your hands as most paid programs like beat syncing, section loop, chained effects, and recording and broadcasting. Of course, the best thing about this one is that it is free to use by anyone, so if you have little to no budget when hunting for a DJ mixing software, but have the passion for creating great music, then Mixxx is a very good choice.