ID Watchdog Pricing and Features

As mentioned earlier, there are only two subscription plans that ID Watchdog offers for personal identification coverage. There are two options that you can get with each plan as you can either pay month-to-month or go with an annual subscription and save up to $30 a year for your subscription. Here is a quick comparison of what you can expect from both plans to know which one to go for.

ID Watchdog offers the Plus plan at $14.95 a month ($149.95 annually) and the Platinum plan at $19.95 ($219 annually) a month. Both come with standard identity monitoring which include monthly scans of public records databases to search for new information associated with your Social Security Number and monitoring of the NCOA. They also scan underground websites and other illicit online sources that deal with personal information trading.

The main difference of the Plus and Platinum plan is that while both offer credit report monitoring, the Platinum plan includes credit reports and scores. These reports reflects your credit file and scores at the time the report is pulled giving you an up to date look at your information. Credit report monitoring only alerts you when changes are recorded on your information.

Customer Support

ID Watchdog offers 24/7 customer support but they only offer either email or telephone support. There is no FAQ section or tutorials and other useful tips to help with basic concerns and get your started with using their service. You can also send them a letter to their PO Box posted on their website.

Online Security Account

ID Watchdog offers a secure, personal online account where you can view all the relevant information and reports about your coverage. This is the way for you to see the information used by the government, financial and other institutions to identify you so you can make better decisions about your future.

The online account offers an identity overview that displays a list of records associated with your identity and helps establish your profile for future monitoring. You can see the current monitoring status with the types of data scanned, results of the scan and the dates of the most recent and upcoming scans. You would also be able to see any alerts that the previous scans were able to detect.

Through the online account of ID Watchdog, you can view your complete credit report and scores including account history, personal information, credit inquiries, credit contacts and more. The credit scores would come from any or all of the three credit reporting agencies used, namely: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

The ID Watchdog online account can be a very useful tool for you to use to be able to monitor for any suspicious activities or just to keep updated about your standings.

What's the Verdict on ID Watchdog?

Worth It, Some Issues

ID Watchdog Review 2020 – Conclusion

ID Watchdog offers an affordable and reliable identity theft protection service that anyone can benefit from. Though they do not offer a free trial of their service, they do have a 100% guarantee that if you do become a victim of fraud while under their service, they will resolve the matter. The low price and peace of mind that they offer is a great combination so check out their services today!