Identity Force Pricing Plans

There are two pricing plans to choose from with Identity Force which are the UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit plans. Each one comes with a 14 day free trial so you can check out the features personally to know which one to ultimately go with. To help you make that decision, check out this short comparison of what each plan has to offer you.

UltraSecure: $17.95/mo ($179.50 for annual billing). This plan offers the continuous monitoring of personal information to detect any suspicious activity, public record monitoring, instant alerts, 24/7 restoration services and gives you the power to act before any damage is done to your identity. This also gives you a level of protection backed by a nationwide $1 million insurance policy.

UltraSecure+Credit: $23.95/mo ($239.50 for annual billing). This plans comes with everything from the previous plan plus Daily 3-Bureau Credit monitoring, scores and reports as well as monthly score trackers.

Another great thing about their pricing is that if you go for the annual billing, you can get practically 2 months free from Identity Force.

Customer Support

Identity Force offers many different means of concern resolution. Firstly they offer an FAQ section and extensive articles for self-help support. Aside from that, they also provide different email addresses depending on your concern, a toll-free hotline number, their mailing address and even ways to connect on the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


One would not think that a child’s identity would be at risk from fraud, but even they are not spared from this crime. Children’s social security numbers are like blank slates with no credit history, making them ideal targets for those looking to open new wireless accounts, bank accounts and even credit cards using stolen personal information. Identity Force can help you prevent this from happening to your child and your family.

As long as you have an adult with an Identity Force membership, you can avail of ChildWatch as an added service. It works in the same way as the adult’s protection, as alerts and messages are triggered by any suspicious activities. These are sent to the adult’s dashboard so all alerts are viewable in one convenient place.

ChildWatch includes thorough and continuous identity monitoring, fraud monitoring, identity restoration specialists and $1 million in identity theft insurance. So protect your children with Identity Force’s ChildWatch today.

What's the Verdict on Identity Force?

Worth It, Some Issues

Identity Force Review – Conclusion

If you want to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft then Identity Force is a good choice to go with. They are one of the leading companies in the industry and have rightfully earned a spot on our top 10. Their reliable service may not be the most affordable choices around but they make up for it with results. They offer a 14 day free trial of their services so you can check them out without having to spend a single dollar. So go ahead and check out how Identity Force can help you protect your personal information.