Pricing and Features

Home owners will be happy to know that signing up for a member hip at House Sitters UK is absolutely free and does not require any kind of payment. Simply register your account with basic details and an email verification, and you will be able to create and post advertisements. You can also browse their list of house sitters and tap those whom you are eyeing to hire. They also have house sitting agreement forms that you can use as legal documents to legitimize the deal, which is great for those who want an added peace of mind.

House sitters can be part of House Sitter UK’s amazing community for only £15 per year (a little over $20). The fee is applicable all across the board, regardless of the zoning preferences. The membership includes the profile creation and the option to contact home owners, for starters. You can also opt to offer free service for the house sits in exchange for the free accommodation, or you can apply charges depending on your standards. It is really up to you to decide on this, as the website has no rules or regulation on house sitter fees. Just make sure to be clear and thorough in explaining charges to the home owners so that there will be no confusion once the payment is needed to be settled.

Customer Support

House Sitters UK has a FAQ page separately outlined for home owners and house sitters to help address concerns in registration, in utilizing the site’s features, in the house sitting agreement, and many more. You may always reach their customer support team by leaving a message at their contact page, and replies from their end are made within 24 to 48 hours. Lastly, you can connect with them via social media like Facebook and see the latest news directly from their page.

Done in 3 Steps

When you have a planned trip with the target date coming closer and closer, you would want all your time and effort to be directed on preparing for the trip instead of having to worry about who will be taking care of your house and possibly, your pets. Luckily, at House Sitters UK, you can finish a deal in 3 easy steps. First, fill in the details of your house sit advertisement. Second, search through the registered house sitter listings and contact those that you are interested in hiring. You will also receive messages and inquiries from members who see your advertisement. Lastly, pick the house sitter that will fit your needs and preferences, sign an agreement, and show them your property and routines so that they can get familiarized with the place. After that, you can now go go ahead and enjoy your vacation with your mind at ease!

What's the Verdict on House Sitters UK?

Worth It, Some Issues

House Sitters UK Review 2020 – Conclusion

To summarize, House Sitters UK does not differ from its sister websites that gives focus to other locations — and it does not need to. It already offers nearly all the standard features found in most house sitting websites and the tools needed to close a deal swiftly and painlessly. They are also  one of the services where you won’t have to wait for a long time before someone responds to your advert as the community seems to be quite active. Plus, a free membership for home owners certainly sweetens the deal. That said, they do lag behind in some areas such as the lack of phone or live chat support, as well as a robust rating system. But these are fairly minor gripes, so if these aren’t that important to you then House Sitters UK could be a good fit.