Pricing and Features

As previously mentioned, MindMyHouse does not impose any fees for homeowners. All you have to do is register for an account and you will be ready to browse their listings. You will also have your own “My Advert” page, where you can put the specifics of your house sitter preferences, their supposed responsibilities, considerations, and your property’s good features and location specifics.

House sitters can avail of the membership and post their profile publicly for only $20 a year, possibly one of the lowest rates that you can find in the web. Setting up an advert is easy, too. Upon registration, house sitters can then login to their own homepage, create and update their advert on the fly, search for assignments, and contact homeowners through the site’s message center, and close the deal.

Aside from these great features, MindMyHouse also offers an advice section for both homeowners and house sitters for a more effective and efficient searching activity within the site. They also give details on how to be secure with your identity, plus a small checklist for both parties before each goes out on their respective trips. Their listing also includes the option to include a police check. Recently, they added a foolproof testimonial system for both home owners and sitters for better reflection feedback from clients.

It is important to note that not all house owners make a “sitter wanted” listing on their website- they can directly search for house sitters and contact them privately. This means that there could be more house sitting assignements aside from those that are listed in the search results.

Customer Support

MindMyHouse has a pretty solid support page that can give answers to popular questions asked by members. You can also browse the articles by topics like Finances, Account Related Concerns, Legal and Security, Troubleshooting and the like. This section also sports a helpful search toolbar to help filter topics and articles by a specific keyword. If you still feel the need to contact their support team, you can do so via email or snail mail, or you can connect with them via social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Get Featured on the Frontpage

Tired of having to wait for house sitters to contact you? MindMyHouse gives you the opportunity to bask in the spotlight and enjoy more exposure. Once you have registered for an account, you can randomly be chosen to be in the feature section, where both members and guests can see your advertisement for a quicker response. Clicking on this link will immediately pull up the specifics of your requested task, from location, inclusive dates, to pets, and many more. Just make sure to fill out your advert as complete and comprehensive as you can so lurking house sitters can identify if they are up for the job and get in touch with you ASAP!

What's the Verdict on MindMyHouse?

Worth It, Some Issues

MindMyHouse Review – Conclusion

MindMyHouse’s service, compared to some of its competitors, falls on the above average side of the spectrum, offering a decent profile for members, a free account for homeowners, and an uber-low rate for house sitters. They also provide a little extra for its members, like agreement forms, tips and advice, a whole community section full of blogs, articles, and stories, and a chance to get featured on the homepage for more exposure. Unfortunately, as of the moment, their listings are quite limited compared to others, so hopefully it starts to pick up in the future, otherwise it would be a waste of their offerings. That said, if you are willing to look past this shortcoming, MindMyHouse is definitely worth considering. Check them out now and see for yourself!