eMedia My Guitar is a great, affordable way to jumpstart your children’s musical education. You can spring for the standalone lesson DVD, or you can go all-in and buy the complete Beginner Pack. The latter includes the eMedia My Guitar learning software (separate from the playable DVD), a 3/4-size classical guitar outfitted with nylon strings, and a host of accessories like a pick, strap, and gig bag, that will have your kid ready and excited to start strumming.

Here’s a look at the costs:

  • eMedia My Guitar DVD: $13.59
  • eMedia My Guitar Beginner Pack: $63.96

Whichever you choose, it no doubt comes in at a much cheaper price than regular music lessons, especially if you factor in the free instrument bundled with the Beginner Pack. If your kid’s still unsure about taking up an instrument, this might be a safer way to gauge — or even spark — their interest.