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Norton Identity Safety is fantastic, there are a lot of services one can  gain from the company, for instance, if you have lost any of your mobile devices you can simply go to the website to block the device, if it was stolen, the person who stole it will not be able to use it. This services which allows you to lock your device and it becomes unusable by an unauthorized trespasser is very good. It enables you to log in to your favorite websites easily.  You can download Norton Identity Software App from the website it is free.

You do not need to be filling forms over and over again since you will be able to access your password via a simple click, it retains your password and there is no need for you to rack your brains in search of forgotten password. Norton Identity Safe password will automatically warn you of unsafe website when you are browsing or making search when you go on-line on the internet giving you maximum protection. The company will terminate the accessibility of any of its users who breaches any of its terms and conditions as provided on the website of Norton Identity Safe.

Some countries outside the United States of America are not permitted to use its products, countries like Cuba, Sudan, Iran, Somali, North Korea etc. these countries and others who are blacklisted by the States Department are known for acts that are contrary to public policies such as terrorism and other international crimes and are not allowed access to the products of Norton Identity Safe. Export of any of the company’s products must pass through scrutiny of the United States exports laws. Norton Anti Theft; this enables you to track who stole your laptop, smart phones, iphones, mobile phones or any other devices, you can lock it down or even see the location of the person who stole it.

This facility is available on the Norton Anti Theft website. Lost notice; this customize notice to any one who is in possession of your device. Scream alert; this facility enables your smart phone  to make a sound noise for you to locate it nearby. Some  limited countries can have access to a facility that enables you to take pictures of the person who stole your mobile devices. These  and many more makes Norton Identity Safe the world most trusted password security management company.

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What more do we need to say, from the above information provided you need not ask too many questions again, you have the information and that means power on your finger tips, I know you would not hesitate to visit the company’s website to grab your free Norton Identity Safe app. Wouldn’t you?