Pricing and Features

Siftr has three different plans to choose from, each with an increasing number of features to better fit your needs. First up, their Free plan gives you the basics of their service without you incurring any cost. It allows you to connect to different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and 500px, and provides advanced photo search, basic smart collections (landscapes, portraits, and food) with up to 5 custom collections, website layout customization, website updates every fortnight, and creation and sharing of stories.

Should you feel the need to upgrade, the All You Need plan is your first go-to for a more affordable cost with added functions. Aside from the previous features, it also has photo back-up, advanced smart collections like black and white, dark, background, and macros, unlimited allocation for smart collections, connecting a custom domain, SEO integration, and an ad-free experience on the website. This one has a minimal cost of $6.99 per month.

Last but not the least, the Power-Packed Pro costs $11.99 a month and unlocks all of the available features offered by Siftr: pro smart collections like minimalist, silhouette, bokeh, and HDR, real-time updates, and analytics about your gear, complete with all the previously mentioned features and options.

You don’t have to be burdened with all the work when building your website — creating one is quite easy thanks to their unique approach. Siftr automatically picks the best photos from your tied photo and cloud storage accounts and places them into organized and identifying genres. More than that, it also builds your site from your photos and updates them as well without you having to lift a single finger.

From there, you can pick which ones work for you while managing your galleries. You can also include contact pages complete with your set of pricing for photography services so visitors can know how much they will be shouldering should they opt to hire you as their official photographer. Your website is completely mobile-friendly as well so you can widen your reach and extend your talent and services to smartphone and tablet users. Even better, being mobile-friendly means that your site will maintain the original design, layout and functionality of your desktop site, allowing for a seamless browsing experience.

Customer Support

Siftr has a FAQ page containing need-to-know topics on their service, although this is rather limited since it only houses several discussions. For more assistance, you may reach their support team via email, and although they do not publish their average response time, you can fully expect them to be able to reply to your message at the soonest possible time. You can also check out their blog for tips and tricks on how to make your website standout. Sadly, they do not provide any phone or live chat options for those who may want to talk to a support agent in real-time.

Siftr Analytics

The work of having a website does not end when you have published every single content for public view. All your efforts of building a website and putting up samples of your craft on cyberspace are for naught if you fail to maximize the exposure of your photography site. Without having a clear grasp of how to improve your website traffic, you could risk losing potential clients.

To help you gather and understand your website’s traffic data, Siftr offers its own built-in analytics engine complete with a simple interface that even less tech-savvy users will understand. You will also be able to harvest a variety of data information regarding your website, like daily, weekly, and monthly visitors, visitor trend, locations, and referrers (website and social media sources from which your traffic was directed from). This feature is included in all of their paid plans, so you don’t have to allocate another portion of your budget just for this data.

What's the Verdict on Siftr?

A Must Try

Siftr Review 2020 – Conclusion

With a pocket-friendly price tag coupled with a whole boatload of features, Siftr stands as one of the most reliable photography website builders in the market. They offer powerful analytics to help customers track and understand visitor traffic, plus a website editor that searches for your best photos across multiple accounts and automatically updates your website. It may contain a lackluster help section and some support options, but if you have very little budget to spare or if you want a very easy-to-use photography website builder, then Siftr is surely one of your best bets to finally showcase your photography talent in the digital world.