Premium Sales Lead Generation

Increase LinkedIn Advertising’s effectivity with their premium products the Professional and Team plan and generate more sales opportunities. These two plans come with an array of features and though it comes with a rather steep price, they do offer a 30 day free trial for it. Here is a closer look at both of the LinkedIn Advertising Premium Products.

The Professional Plan costs $79.99 / month and it comes with a 15 InMail allocation and Unlimited Profile Searches. Refine your searches better with an advanced search with lead builder that makes use of more filters to help you search for the right leads. This plan also finds leads as it recommends people that could be sales leads. LinkedIn Advertising’s Professional plan can surely help get more leads and in turn, more sales.

They also have the Team Plan that costs $129.99 / month that also comes with a 30 day free trial. This plan comes with all the features available on the Professional plan and more. Aside from the 15 InMail allocation, you also get additional 15 InMail messages for a total of 30 allowing you to reach out to more possible leads. You can also access profiles outside your 3rd degree network to have access to more possible sales leads.

Using either of the two will surely help you generate more leads and increase sales. Best part of it is you can check them out for free before making the commitment to sign up for a paid membership.

What's the Verdict on LinkedIn Advertising?

A Must Try

LinkedIn Advertising Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you have been in the sales business for a while, you would know that it is always wise to make use of every opportunity you have but sometimes we sacrifice quality for quantity. Hard-calling is a perfect example as we call prospective clients with very little background on them. Now with LinkedIn Advertising, we can generate leads that are more specific to our target market. Market your product how you want it with either pay per click or pay per impression and maximize the use of LinkedIn Advertising with their premium products. Use the power of the largest professional social media to your advantage with LinkedIn Advertising and check out their free trials now.