The Amazon Name began life way back in 1994, when Jeff Bezos founded the company. Since its humble beginnings selling books online, it has grown into the largest online store in the world. Today it sells a wide variety of products from DVDs, video games, apparel, TVs, audio systems, furniture, and more. Knowing these, those who join their Amazon Associates affiliate program can definitely benefit from the Amazon name and the consumer trust that it has built over the years. People the world over know who this company is, which will work in your favor since it is guaranteed that a large chunk will not hesitate clicking on ads from a well-known and trusted company.


Low commissions aside, Amazon Associates is loaded with incredibly useful features that will surely help you better market ads and, thus, eventually increase your sales volumes. For starters, this affiliate marketing network gives you the ability to create custom banners and links for any product page on You can do this by simply going to any product detail page on their online store and, from there, capturing the links directly from said page. Similarly, you can build slideshows on the fly by adding a product to an Amazon widget directly from a product detail page. You can also enhance your links with product previews or by using Easy Links, which are promotional and announcement banners that Amazon Associates serve directly to your site. Next, if you want to further enhance your website, you can take advantage of widgets, which are rich, interactive mini-applications that bring Amazon functionality to your website. With these widgets you can: let your viewers search for Amazon products without ever leaving your site, automatically feature products that are relevant to the content on your site, display products in a Carousel-style viewer, showcase the hottest deals on Amazon, add the music to your website, individually or entire albums, automatically feature products based on product categories or keywords, and many more. Finally, for those who wish to take their affiliate marketing efforts to a whole new level can create a professional online store hosted at, without the need for any coding or web design skills. With Amazon Associate’s aStore, you can select which products to feature, include products from all categories or display only the ones you choose, customize how your store looks, as well as offer a shopping cart for multiple item purchases. While other affiliate marketing networks only offer simple links or banners, Amazon’s aStore solution definitely raises the bar. Finally, for more technically proficient users, their Product Advertising API provides a deeper level of access to Amazon’s product selection, product discovery capabilities, product information, customer reviews, similar products, and more, so that developers can integrate Amazon products directly to your site.

Customer Support

For any assistance or inquiries, Amazon Associates support can be contacted via phone (with US & Canada, and international numbers provided), live chat, and online contact form. You can also consult a rather comprehensive Help section that contains all the relevant information about their network and services, while helpful FAQ and glossary sections are also a click away. Finally, they have a Performance Tips section where you can, for example, learn all about how to pick the best products to promote, or which link types will work best with your website.

What's the Verdict on Amazon Associates?

A Must Try

Amazon Associates Review 2020 – Conclusion is a behemoth in the online store industry and those who join their Amazon Associates affiliate program definitely stand to benefit from the years of consumer trust that the company has achieved. Moreover, you also get access to the deep well of Amazon products which you can advertise, various ways of displaying ads, an online store feature, and many more. Monetizing a blog is a must in this day and age, and Amazon Associates is definitely one of the top choices out there that can help you in that regard. Check them out now, joining their affiliate program is free!