The Power of Brand Recognition

The best thing about OneNetworkDirect may very well be the fact that they are partnered with some of the most well regarded companies in the software and consumer electronics industry. Many people immediately trust a product if it comes from a well known entity, so it is a safe bet that a lot of your visitors will be more enticed to click on your affiliate links or banners if they featured products from such companies. Having the power of brands like Trend Micro, D-Link, and more, behind your affiliate marketing campaigns can definitely boost your earnings, especially since software and consumer electronics products will never run out of demand.

Ease of Use

Signing up to become a OneNetworkDirect affiliate is quite easy and straightforward. Upon clicking on the red Sign Up button found at the top of their page, and after you select your language and country, the step-by-step sign up process will ask for your general and contact information. It is important to note that during this registration process, you are not required to provide your website URL. You will only be required to do so once you receive the confirmation email, click the link provided therein, and accept the membership agreement. In addition to your website’s URL, you will need to provide a description of your site, as well as social security number.

In terms of searching for the right affiliate program for you website or blog, OneNetworkDirect gives you options so you can easily find what it is you are looking for. You can search by product name, product information, category, or by advertiser.


When you become a OneNetworkDirect affiliate, you can choose from thousands of products that span categories such as software, games, consumer electronics, and educational products to promote in your website or blog. What’s more, this affiliate marketing network boasts of some of the world’s biggest or well known brands in the software and consumer electronics industry such as Avast, Bitdefender, and many, many more.

In terms of affiliate management features, this company certainly does not lack. You can take advantage of their Affiliate Account Community toolbar that provides feeds for the latest information straight to your browser, handpicked links from the OneNetworkDirect staff, a Google powered search engine, desktop alerts, as well as a link to the RSS reader. Speaking of RSS, you can create a coupon RSS feed so your visitors can stay up to date. These can be customized by country, language, and category. Additionally, the RSS feed columns can be set to include information such as start date, expiration date, coupon title, coupon code, offer description, link URL, HTML code, product name, product description, and even the URL of the product image.

OneNetworkDirect also offers some pretty robust reporting features so you can easily keep track of every aspect of your affiliate marketing campaigns. You can generate reports to include performance, links, transaction, commission, product, sales, link error, product sales, product sales by product and payment, and even program trend. Additionally, these reports can also be generated with specific campaigns, including all programs, active programs or accessible programs. Finally, you can download campaign, revenue, and statistics reports straight to your mobile phone, which should definitely prove quite handy if you are the type who is constantly on the go.

Customer Support

While this affiliate marketing network offers some pretty solid features, they do lack in customer support channels. They do not have any live support options like phone or live chat. You can only contact them through email, or through their actual business address. There does not seem to be a FAQ section as well, nor is there any sign of any knowledgebase or help center.

What's the Verdict on OneNetworkDIrect?

Worth It, Some Issues

OneNetworkDirect Review 2020 – Conclusion

OneNetworkDirect may not be the perfect affiliate marketing network that many are looking for, but that does not mean that this is not a solid choice either. You get to promote thousands of products from some of the most recognizable names in the software and consumer electronics spectrum, commissions that can go as high as 60%, plus some really robust reporting options to help you manage and keep track of your campaigns efficiently. If you are willing to overlook some of its flaws, then you are definitely in for quite a treat. Check out OneNetworkDirect now and see for yourself!