Working with AppInstitute’s App Builder

AppInstitute provides individuals and businesses a rather compelling proposition: for a fee, you can create a stunning, full-featured mobile app without ever having to learn how to code. They pull this off quite well,too. All of this is made possible by their intuitive, drag-and-drop app builder–which makes building an app from start to finish a breeze.

Starting with Broad Strokes

You are given two options when starting a project, both of which aim to automatically fill in some blanks for you. Option one allows you to have the platform pull the necessary data about your business from your Facebook page. You only need to input the name of your page, confirm or change the business type to match yours, and let the app builder do its magic. This is pretty convenient as it populates your app with nearly all the necessary information–effectively completing a large portion of your app for you.

Option two, on the other hand, has the AppInstitute app builder “look” at your company website in order to match its color scheme. This might not be as big a feature as the first one, but it should ensure consistency between your website and your app; which should, in turn, further solidify your branding. You can choose one of these options, both, or skip them altogether.

Brand Control Made Easy

The builder itself, meanwhile, is laid out neatly and simply. It’s pretty easy to understand as well, especially since the “Build” menu contains all the steps necessary to create your app. You simply click on options and functions, click on the edit button, or drag additional modules to where you want them on the app layout to add more functionality.

AppInstitute also allows you to have complete control over the branding of your app. You can customize backdrops and upload your company logo, for starters. There is a simple image editor so you can crop or resize an image in order to fit your app perfectly. You can also add videos, stream audio, add image galleries, integrate your blog or social media feed, and more.

Real-Time Previews and Quick Publishing

One of the great things about AppInstitute’s app builder is that you can immediately preview your work as you are building it. You can toggle the Preview tab on the editor itself, or you can download their preview app on your phone so you can view your app there in real time. This makes it easier to visualize what needs tweaking, what doesn’t work, and so on.

When you are finished creating your app, the next step is to publish it. Unlike other app maker platforms, AppInstitute simplifies the publication process by just having you fill out a form. Once you have done so, they will then submit your app to the respective app stores. Take note that this only takes effect if you are on the Premium plan onwards.