If you are interested in making mobile apps with ShoutEm, take note that while you can avail of their free trial, to continue the service you will have to subscribe to a plan. They have different tiers to choose from, based on what you need; and you can either pay month to month, or prepay for an annual subscription.


Subscription TierWhat You GetMonthlyAnnually
BasicHTML5 App
No iOS acct. required
AdvancediPhone App
Android App
Push notifications
UnlimitediPad App
iPhone App
Android App
Push notifications
API access / data sync


Their Basic plan, for starters, gives you the ability to build an HTML5 app only. If you want to be able to put your app up on Apple’s or Google’s respective app stores, you will have to at least get the Advanced plan. This plan also gives you access to push notifications. If you want to get access to the features of the previous two plans plus the ability to create an iPad app, as well as access their API and data sync features, the Unlimited plan is what you need.

Finally, if you want to get access to custom content modules, custom page layouts, CMS (Content Management System) integration, on-site staff training, and a dedicated support person, ShoutEm has something called the Enterprise plan, which has no set subscription fee. You will have to contact ShoutEm first to get a price quote.