Creating Your App

You will absolutely love how easy and hassle-free it is to create an app from start to finish using GoodBarber’s incredibly intuitive app editor interface. Featuring a clutter-free workspace, their editor provides a step-by-step list that will enable you to breeze through the process; from choosing the theme all the way to adding content, and finally, publishing to app stores. Even better, you can edit your app from the backend and see the results in real time, right on your mobile device. This allows you to see any and all changes you make immediately, greatly expediting the whole testing phase–you won’t have to compile your app every time you need to test one little addition.

Customization Choices

Making a beautiful, professional-looking app with GoodBarber is easy, even if you don’t have the expertise to do so. This is all thanks to the presence of over 50 insanely eye-catching app themes for you to choose from. Each and every theme looks and feels premium, and with tons of deep customization options–such as 8 menu navigation styles, numerous article templates, more than 600 font options, transparent navbars and status bars, and many more–you will definitely nab some very impressed customers in the long run.

GoodBarber also allows you to add as many features as you see fit, thanks to a plethora of plug-ins that allow you to pull content from your business’ entire web presence and for display on your app. You can add, for example: articles from your WordPress blog, pictures from your Instagram account, videos from your YouTube channel, music from your SoundCloud account, events from Google Calendar, and so much more. The complete list of external services is simply too exhaustive to discuss here, so be sure check out their website to find out more.

Content Management

Finally, managing your content from the backend is pretty straightforward, thanks to the built-in CMS (Content Management System). If you have ever used a CMS–like WordPress, for example–then you will definitely feel right at home with GoodBarber’s backend manager. Even if you haven’t used a single CMS in your life, everything has been laid out clearly that learning the ropes is still quite an easy task.