Overview and Pricing

GirlfriendsMeet goes the way of many of its competitors by offering free account registration for anyone who wants to try finding other women online. The difference, though, is that GirlfriendsMeet doesn’t withhold any features in a bid to get you to spring for a paid subscription. Instead, this particular dating website offers all its services free of charge, for as long as you deign to use the site.

There’s an in-site currency called GirlfriendsMeet Coins that you can use to buy special perks like a temporary boost of your profile’s visibility or the ability to send gifts to other users. However, these perks are just that — perks, and you can get on perfectly well without ever purchasing one.

Even better, these perks are well within your budget even if you never shell out a dime. GirlfriendsMeet allows you to earn Coins solely through various site activities: completing your profile, for example, earns you some, and regular log-ins can sustain your virtual coin reserve.

This makes GirlfriendsMeet a great place to get your feet wet if you’re new to the online dating scene. Even without spending anything, you’ll get access to a respectable set of features, which we discuss more below.