InfoArmor Features

Already discussed earlier are the prices of InfoArmor subscriptions with individual coverage costing $14.95 a month or $149.95 annually, while family coverage costs $24.95 a month and $249.95 annually. Now, here is a quick look at a few notable features that you can expect to get with InfoArmor.

WalletArmor: This feature offer three useful tools in protecting you for instances where you lose your wallet. They offer an online vault to store e-documents, credit card and account information, a lost wallet replacement service to help you cancel and replace all your lost cards and they also monitor the Underground Internet for any usage on your cards.

SocialArmor: Social Media feeds such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are monitored for reputational damage such as racist, violent, derogatory, vulgar or any inappropriate comments.

CreditArmor: Gain access to your annual credit report, monthly credit scores and easy monitoring of your credit file making it easy for your to keep track of your credit.

InfoArmor Customer Support

InfoArmor customer support is simple and very effective as they offer telephone, email and FAQ support. Learn about all the common concerns and get resolution right on the spot through their on-site FAQ section. You can also get in touch with support representatives 24/7/365 via their toll-free number and email address. InfoArmor also provides their corporate office address if you want to mail in any concerns or comments.

For Companies As Well

InfoArmor also offers their services to companies as well so companies would be able to provide identity theft protection as a benefit to all their employees. This can easily be integrated into an employer’s benefit package as InfoArmor provides fair collateral, open enrollment packages, pre-enrollment emails, intranet content and more useful features. Once the employee is enrolled in the service, InfoArmor sends a welcome email on the effective date. Employees are also mailed a welcome package that details how to make the most of the coverage. Alerts and reports are given to the employee much like an individual would receive notifying them of any suspicious activities or if everything is right as rain. InfoArmor also makes it easy for employers to pay for the service as it can be set as a payroll deduction since InfoArmor is integrated with all of the leading payroll service providers. The pricing for company coverage can be inquired via email and depends on the number and size of the company employees. However, you can be sure that prices would be lower than that of direct to consumer market prices.

What's the Verdict on InfoArmor?

Worth It, Some Issues

InfoArmor Review 2020 – Conclusion

InfoArmor may not be able to cover a large family but they are a great option for individuals or small families of up to 5 members. Their coverage may not be the best around but their pricing is very competitive compared to similar services and they even offer up to a 20% discount if you decide to subscribe for an annual coverage. They may not offer a free trial but they are certainly a company to consider if you are looking to protect yourself from fraudsters. Check them out today and see for yourself!