Kashoo Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are more common now than desktop computers as a household of four may have up to 2 computers but have more than 4 mobile devices. And since communication is very important in running a business, you can expect business owners to also have at least one mobile device. That is why it is a good feature to offer a fully functional mobile app aside from a desktop version. This allows the users to continue working while on-the-go and saves them a lot of time.

Having mentioned the app earlier and how it is only available to iOS powered devices such as iPads and iPhones, here is a closer look at what the app can do for those who have access to it. This is an award-winning iPad and iPhone app that allows you to access all your books wherever you find the need to. It allows you to send out invoices at the push of a button, take pictures of receipts for e-filing and get real-time updates on your cash flow.

All you need is an internet connection to maximize the use of this app but even if you find yourself in a deadspot with no service, you can still use the app. Make changes to reports, send out invoices, encode transactions and other functions would still be available but the system would only update once the service resumes. So you can do your work and leave your phone with confidence that once you get service, everything will update.

Kashoo Features

As far as subscriptions go, Kashoo may be one of the unique ones as they only offer one plan — which costs $12.95 a month. You only have to pay a very minimal amount after the 14 day free trial and on top of that, you get 2 months free if you subscribe for an annual plan. It only costs $129.99 for 12 months and you can even cancel the subscription at any time to get your money back with no questions asked.

Here are some of the features that Kashoo offers which can help you and your business.

  • Invoicing: You can create and send invoices from the desktop or mobile app so you can collect faster. You can also see which clients still owe you money and make follow-ups in real-time.
  • Expense Tracking: Take pictures of receipts and file it into Kashoo right then and there so you never miss an expense and have a hard time balancing your books.
  • Dashboard: The intuitive interface of Kashoo offers a dashboard that is updated in real-time so you always know where your business stands. See all the income, expenses, receivables and payables at a glance.
  • Data Entry: This is done in a flash with Kashoo as it takes a few clicks of a button to input income and expense data which automatically reflects in your balances.
  • Bank Reconciliation: Kashoo has partnered with over 5,000 banks worldwide so transactions and amounts can sync with them automatically so you do not have to do anything.
  • Reporting: Create all the financial reports your business needs with a fraction of the time and hassle as you normally would without this program.

There are many more features and benefits that come from using Kashoo so check out their free trial and see them for yourself.

Customer Support

Kashoo offers helpful articles, Q&A sections as well as tutorial videos and webinars to help users accustom themselves to the program. Aside from that, they also provide their mailing address, email address and contact numbers should you have further clarifications or concerns. Their customer support representatives are only available from Monday to Friday at 6am to 5pm PST. They also have Kashoo-U which is their online education program that can help you become not just a master of using their software but also in accounting in general.

What's the Verdict on Kashoo?

Worth It, Some Issues

Kashoo Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you want an affordable and useful accounting software that can help you and your business then this is the right software for you. Kashoo is a complete program that offers all the basic needs of businesses in terms of recording and reporting transactions, expenses and other activities. They also have a mobile app so you can take your work anywhere you go as long as you are on an iOS device. So check out the free trial of Kashoo today, and take control of your business’ accounting.