Need an Accountant

Want to entrust the books of your company into the more capable hands of a professional accountant even with the help of Wave? Well, they can help you do that too as they offer a “Find A Pro” tool on their website that lets you search your surrounding area for a registered accountant. All you have to do is set your location and a search radius and wait for Wave to come up with results. From there it is all a matter of choosing the accountant you would want to go with and contacting them.

Accountants from all over the world join the Wave Pro Network because of the large number of users which means a bigger possibility of being hired to run the books of a company. There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses using Wave that could use the help of a professional accountant or bookkeeper run their business better. This partnership is mutually beneficial for the business and the accountant as the business is able to find a competent accountant near their area and accountants can build up their firm by helping small businesses grow and succeed. And much like the cost of using Wave, this service is also absolutely FREE for BOTH the small business and the accountant.

Wave Features

At the absolutely affordable prize of ZERO Dollars, you can benefit from all the great features of Wave Accounting. A few were already touched on earlier but here is a more detailed list of the features that they offer so you know everything you need to know before signing up. This is just in case you were not already sold on the 100% free pricing they offer.

Wave Table

If you are not yet already sold on Wave, contact their customer support representatives for any further questions or clarifications that you might have. Or better yet, try it out for yourself since it is, after all, free to use.

Customer Support

Here is an aspect where Wave continues to blow the competition away. Their customer support consists of Forums and an FAQ section for self-help which is enough to address most common concerns and questions. For concerns that need further clarification, users can contact their support representatives via live chat, phone support and email support. Users will be serviced by actual product experts and not automated responses or robots.

What's the Verdict on Wave?

Worth It, Some Issues

Wave Review 2020 – Conclusion

Wave is the most affordable small business accounting software around and is the best choice for those looking to cut cost. Even if they do not charge a dollar for their service, they still provide an excellent quality software that has all the basic tools needed for small business accounting. In fact, their automated features rival those of the most premium of subscriptions in the industry. So don’t wait any longer, it only takes a minute or two to sign up for Wave so check them out right now.