Financial Reporting

Aside from the record keeping aspect of accounting, it is also important to use a product or service that offers easy financial reporting. This is also essential to the operation of the business as they are required to produce annual or semi-annual reports. WorkingPoint provides you a way to create organized and professional looking reports that you can easily customize and send to advisors or creditors if needed.

You can create Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Profit and Loss statements and Cash Flow Statements easily with WorkingPoint. The automatic categorization of transactions, expenses and other cash movements practically makes the report for you as all of it are categorized and ready for use in each report. So even if you have minimal knowledge about accounting, you can create accurate and professional looking reports with WorkingPoint.

WorkingPoint Subscription Plans

There are two subscriptions that you can get for WorkingPoint, the Lightning and Thunderstrom plans. Each plan comes with a 30 day free trial so you can test it out before you purchase. The similar features that these two share are the ability to make and send invoices, track bills and expenses, double-entry bookkeeping, contact management, inventory management, create financial reports, customize the business dashboard, import and export data and other basic features. You can check out their website or call customer support for more details on this but whichever plan you choose, you get all the basic accounting tools that you may need. The only difference with the Thunderstorm plan is that it is allowed an unlimited number of users and invoices with the ability for recurring invoices, tax reports and collection of invoice payments with PayPal.

WorkingPoint Table

Customer Support

WorkingPoint provides acceptable customer support to their users as they have a FAQ section and help center where you can find answers to common concerns, step-by-step instructions and other additional resources which is great for those that prefer self-help. Should the concern require more attention, you can get in touch with WorkingPoint representatives via an online form which they will reply to via the email address you provided. It would have been better if they provided telephone support as well.

What's the Verdict on WorkingPoint?

Worth It, Some Issues

WorkingPoint Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you spend most of your time in your office and on your computer and need an accounting software then WorkingPoint is a great option to go with. They offer a complete accounting program that lets you save time on bookkeeping and focus more on the business operations. Their pricing is very affordable that you can get their most premium plan easily, which is a good thing because the lower plan is a little limited. They offer a 30 day free trial and free account sign up so go ahead and check out their services today.