Pricing and Features

If you have a specific blogging software or tool in mind, you may want to check out Arvixe’s blog web hosting section. You will find plans that are specific to a certain system like WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Movable Type, Habari, TextPattern, PostNuke,, Oxite, DasBlog, Serendipity, and many, many more. They keep their plans relevant and up-to-date with the latest software available, and you get free automatic installation of your preferred software once you sign up. The price of the plan varies with the specific software bundle that you choose, so it would be best to proceed to their website for the specifics.

To give an idea, their WordPress hosting plan under Personal Class costs $7 a month, but you can save up on your monthly bill by signing up for a longer period. An annual subscription, for instance, strips down the costs to $5 a month, while a two-year upfront purchase will bring it down even further to $4 a month.

They also offer an upgraded version of their plan, called PersonalClass Pro starting at $10 a month, with an annual plan pricing at $8 a month, and a biennial cost of $7 a month. The main difference between these two plans is that the latter offers unlimited websites/domains, while the former puts a cap on this at 6 websites. In almost all of the features, the two are identical.

Hosting Resources

Arvixe offers unlimited disk space and monthly transfers, but as previously mentioned, you may want to read on their fair usage policy for the acceptable limit on this aspect. You also get an optimized environment for the specific software that you chose, complete with its installation and configuration. You can also enjoy their user-friendly cPanel, unlimited domain aliases, subdomains, and FTP accounts, an HTML editor and a one-click website builder, custom error pages, page redirects manager, a file manager, daily R1 soft backups, and password protected directories.

This hosting plan also gives unlimited allocation for MySQL5 and PostgreSQL databases, with support for PHP 5, Perl, Python, SSI, CGI, and a whole bunch of other developer programs to give you more control, especially if you are well-versed on these programming languages.

Monitoring and Security

Tracking the numbers such as visitor count is an important aspect of blogging, especially if you plan on making profit, and Arvixe has the right statistical tools to help you get to know your blog’s activity more. It has Awstats and Webalizer software, error and referrer logs, raw access logs, and subdomain stats so you can keep track of the important values.

Lastly, for the security of your blog site, Arvixe has a dedicated DDoS attack response system, secured network ports, redundant carriers, 24/7/365 network monitoring, and nightly security updates. With these security features, your blog shall remain running while every single crucial data contained in well under lock and key.

If you are looking for a more powerful plan, or a different hosting type for your blog, Arvixe also has Business Class, Reseller Class, VPS Class, and Dedicated Class hosting services which can fit your needs. You can visit their website to find more information about these other plans.

Customer Support

You will be happy to know that Arvixe has a meaty support center armed with a knowledgebase section where you can find articles and discussions that can instantly address your concerns, from pre-sales, to getting started, domains, specific issues, billing, and other important topics.

If you cannot find a solution to your question and would like to have assistance from their support team, you can initiate a live chat option or send a support ticket. Recently, there have been complaints about their response time, so you may want to allot some time for this task.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for the latest news and updates.

The Arvixe Advantage

Aside from the commitment to bring a reliable and fast service with a hassle-free setup process, Arvixe further ensures customer satisfaction by giving a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If anytime within 60 days, you feel that you want something else for your hosting plan that they do not have, then you can request for a refund and the total amount that you have paid for will be credited back to your account.

This is quite a generous period, as it gives you ample time to test out everything offered under their roof so you can be completely sure if you choose to keep your subscription. It would be a waste if you were to prematurely request for one without having seen the full scope of their service though, so make sure to check out everything under the hood before making a final decision.

What's the Verdict on Arvixe?

Worth It, Some Issues

Arvixe Blog Hosting Review 2020 – Conclusion

While Arvixe is not a perfect hosting plan, it is safe to say that they offer one of the most blog software specific plans in the market, and seems to be dedicated in staying relevant with tools that are specifically made for blogs. Their pricing also proves to be one of their greatest strengths, and it helps that they have the resources to provide for a solid uptime with secured networking features. You may have some issues in contacting their support team though, but you can always consult their knowledgebase first to sort the issue on your own. Do you have a specific software in mind that you want to use to create your blog? Then check out Arvixe’s variety of blog hosting plans, you can bet that you will find your preference in their list!