Best Ad Blockers 2019

Ad blockers are one of the most utilized tools to-date, especially with pop-up, video, and malicious ads popping up left and right on your screen. Not only are they distracting and annoying, there are certain kinds of adware that can track your online activities and actually breach your privacy. This is an issue that everyone should be concerned about. Ad blockers make sure that you get only the main content of the page that you are visiting, with the added  security that nothing unwanted infiltrates your web surfing session.

We did the research to form a mighty list of the best ad blockers available for download, so you don’t have to do the work yourself. And while there are hundreds of options that you can find with your search engine, these 10 are at the top of the game. Check out which ad blockers made the cut below!

AdGuard1st9.8 out of 10$9.95 Per Year

AdGuard Review

AdGuard offers protection for any and every kind of advertisement on any browser of practically any device.Full AdGuard Review »

AdBlock Plus

2nd9.7 out of 10Free

AdBlock Plus Review

One of the most well-known and loved ad blockers, this tool has proven to be both reliable and affordable both for techies and less-tech savvy users.Full AdBlock Plus Review »


3rd9.6 out of 10Free

Ghostery Review

An ad and tracker blocker in one which allows you to surf uninterrupted and anonymously- with a strong stance on browsing privacy.Full Ghostery Review »

adaware Ad-Block

4th9.5 out of 10Free

adaware Ad-Block Review

adaware Ad-Block stops various ads and dangerous sites dead in their tracks, and has stepped up their game in terms of compatibility.Full adaware Ad-Block Review »


5th9.2 out of 10$19.95 Per Month

AdFender Review

AdFender is one of the top ad blockers in the business. It prevents pop-ups, banners, and video ads from disrupting your online experience.Full AdFender Review »

Ad Muncher

6th9 out of 10Free

Ad Muncher Review

Ad Muncher blocks all kinds of ads and spyware from all browsers and speeds up web page loading for a completely better online experience.Full Ad Muncher Review »


7th8.6 out of 10Free

Privoxy Review

Privoxy has a very effective two-fold ad blocking that removes all online nuisances from your browsing experience.Full Privoxy Review »

uBlock Origin

8th8.4 out of 10Free

uBlock Origin Review

uBlock Origin offers customizable settings, filter lists and rules to let you filter and block ads and websites that you want.Full uBlock Origin Review »

SuperBlock Adblocker

9th8.4 out of 10Free

SuperBlock Adblocker Review

SuperBlock Adblocker is a free Chrome add-on that is easy to use and offers very customizable options to block or allow specific kinds of ads.Full SuperBlock Adblocker Review »

Simply Block Ads

10th8.4 out of 10Free

Simply Block Ads Review

A completely free to use, ad blocker add-on for web browsers that is the epitome if simplicity and ease of use.Full Simply Block Ads Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Important Features of Ad Blockers That We Looked At:

A quick search on the internet will yield dozens and dozens of ad blockers all claiming to do the task smoothly and without a hitch. While a vast majority of them are free to use, it would still be a waste of precious storage space if you happen to download an ad blocker that will just sit on your browser, as you watch helplessly as ads infiltrate your screen. There are several things to keep in mind when looking for an ad blocker that can really fulfill its job: platform, filter list, configurable blocking, ease of use, and support.


First and foremost, availability of the ad blocker over several platforms should be of importance. If you have a desktop computer while also sporting a smartphone or tablet, it would be the best choice to find an ad blocker that offers a version on both platforms. This way you can enjoy the same experience and performance. You can also check for web browser compatibility if your preferred browser is supported by the ad blocker. Most of them support the more widely-known browsers anyway, like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, but you will find some that offers compatibility with more obscure browsers. In short, the ad blocker of your choice should play well with your browser preference, and not the other way around.

Filter List

One thing that proves to be an important factor when choosing an ad blocker is the list of ads and other medium that it can actually block. There are many kinds of advertisements floating in websites, from pop-up ads, to video ads, sponsored ads, banners, and many more. While some of these ads may bring information, a whole boatload of them are simply a nuisance in your web browsing experience. There are also potentially harmful content like spyware and data trackers which can obtain and transmit information from your session without your knowledge. It would be highly advantageous if an ad blocker can put all of these unwanted content in its hit list.

Configurable Blocking

If you ever want to support a certain website by allowing their ads to appear, then ad blockers with customizable filters should do the trick. While some ads may be intrusive and ultimately annoying, there are others that can actually help the revenue of a certain website; thus the choice of showing them to visitors. Plus, having the control on which items to filter and to let pass can give a more personalized feel whenever you browse the internet, with your permission on every single ad that shows on the screen.

Ease of Use

Enabling an ad blocker should not take more than a few seconds upon installation, and should be up in running literally within a minute or two. This is of course, assuming that the user opts to go with the tool's default setting. If there are custom options that you would want to apply, then you shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to configure them. Ad blockers are one of the simplest tools in the computer world, and any individual, even those who are less tech-savvy, can figure out how to use them without much effort.


Last but not the least, of course, is the assistance you get from the support team in case you have any questions or concerns about the use of the ad blocker. While you can get information from the official blog or forum, it would still be a more reliable and convenient experience if you can have direct communication with a representative. It can also help if these ad blockers have social media accounts where you can comment or send your issues via private message. Moreover, no tool is perfectly designed, and any developer willing to listen to reports and suggestions can certainly improve their software.

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