Funio offers 4 different pricing plans, the Economic, Unlimited, Start Up and Small Business. The Economic plan only allows you to host one website with 20 GB of disk space and 250 GB of bandwidth. It also only allows you 100 email accounts and 10 databases without a free domain name and SSL certificate. You also get up to 48 hours of backups. While this plan is very affordable, it lacks in features compared to basic plans of other companies that offer features like unlimited bandwidth. This plan starts at $1.99 for the first month of the 1-month term, which will then revert to $3.99 per month after the promo period. If you want to avail of the 3, 6 or 12-month terms, then you would have to pay $1.99, $1.90 or $1.80 per month for the first month, after which the prices will revert to $3.99, $3.79 and $3.59 per month, respectively.