Best Comic Book Readers 2019

Gone were the days when comic book lovers seem to be exclusively made up of comic geeks who have unquestionable passion in collecting merchandise. Comic books have become a huge part of today’s popular culture, and it is certainly refreshing to know that you can casually enjoy them in digital form. Now, you don’t have to bring your whole physical comic book collection if you want to enjoy reading your favorite characters while on your daily commute, or even while waiting in line for your lunch.

While there are a lot of sources for downloading your digital comic book supply, finding a reader to view them is a big factor in your overall enjoyment of the comic book experience. Don’t fret, we looked at all the comic book readers available to date and came up with the best ones to help you decide which specific software or app to stick to whenever you feel the urge to catch up on your beloved superhero’s story. Check out our top 10 best comic book readers below:



1st9.8 out of 10Varies

ComicRack Review

A highly-recommended program that packs numerous reading and management tools in one sleek package.Full ComicRack Review »

Simple Comic

2nd9.4 out of 10Free

Simple Comic Review

Simple Comic is a Mac-exclusive comic book reader that delivers a solid reading experience without any of the clutter.Full Simple Comic Review »

Astonishing Comic

3rd9.2 out of 10Varies

Astonishing Comic Review

A good-looking app with easy-to-grasp controls, responsive customer support, and the option to unlock more features via in-app purchases.Full Astonishing Comic Review »


4th9.2 out of 10$2.99 One Time

ComiCat Review

A feature-rich, Android-exclusive app that delivers a fantastic reading experience for phone or tablet.Full ComiCat Review »

Perfect Viewer

5th9 out of 10Varies

Perfect Viewer Review

Perfect Viewer is a reliable comic book reader that handles an impressive list of formats and puts you in complete control of your reading.Full Perfect Viewer Review »


6th8.8 out of 10Free

ComicScreen Review

ComicScreen sports a basic design, but makes up for it with a good array of features and an unbeatable price.Full ComicScreen Review »

Comic Zeal

7th8.8 out of 10$4.99 One Time

Comic Zeal Review

This app has a gorgeous interface and a wealth of options, but the file importation process isn't as smooth as can be hoped.Full Comic Zeal Review »

Manga Rock

8th8.7 out of 10Varies

Manga Rock Review

This app makes life much easier for fans of manga, granting access to thousands of series and arming users with lots of useful features.Full Manga Rock Review »


9th8.4 out of 10Free

iComix Review

This is a simple, lightweight app that packs intuitive controls and cloud syncing capabilities that are great for casual readers.Full iComix Review »

Komik Reader

10th8.4 out of 10Varies

Komik Reader Review

This app gives Android users a reliable comic book reader with simple features and a clean interface that are perfect for casual reading.Full Komik Reader Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Important Features of Comic Book Readers That We Looked At:

Searching for a comic book reader app can be time-consuming, given the number of choices that you can stumble upon. Well, we did the research for you and checked the different factors that make a reader not only reliable and versatile, but also quite useful for your comic binging sessions. We found 5 criteria that can help you in making a decision: Platforms, Supported Formats, Compression and Export, Display Control, and Support. Come take a closer look at each one of them:


A comic book reader app that is available across several platforms is definitely a convenient tool to have. Imagine stopping midway a certain title on your desktop computer and being able to continue with the story on your smartphone or tablet while you are away from your table. If this is something that interests you, then you should also look out for readers where  you can easily sync between devices and keep your collection complete wherever you may go.

Supported Format

There are many file formats that digital comic books come in, and while some are packed as images, you may find others that are compressed differently for faster downloading and easier storage. A decent comic book reader should be able to recognize a majority of these formats to save you the hassle of having to convert it, or worse, having to download a whole new file just because the previous one cannot work with your reader -- which is honestly, an absolute waste of your time and effort.

Compression and Export

Some comic book readers allow you to compress and export your comic book collection from within the program or app, so you can easily transfer it in between gadgets. This is a great alternative for those readers that do not have syncing capabilities. Even better, you won’t have to wait for hours when transferring the files to and from systems since compressing it results to downsizing the original file size to a more compact value.

Display Control

You will most probably be spending hours and hours reading your favorite comics with the reader, so it is important that your eyes are comfortable with the display. Most apps let you resize the pages so your eyes won’t get strained from reading texts that are too small, nor will they get overwhelmed with oversized ones. Some readers even offer a multi-page view, so you can easily switch between pages with a single click or a tap.


Last, but not the least, is the support and assistance that you can receive from the developers once you have purchased or obtained the comic book reader. While the more common route of communicating with them is by posting on their official site’s forum or message boards, there are some that provide a direct email in case of questions unanswered in the FAQ or knowledgebase section. The latter is a great source of information from other users, though, and you can check out announcements for updates or any other pertinent information regarding the reader.

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